EVE Online News – Foundations of a Galactic Future

In the EVE Universe, change is the only certainty. During this year’s EVE FanFest, Gareth Harmer spoke to Senior Producer Andie Nordgren about the vision for EVE Online, and with Architect Kjartan Emilsson about integrating all EVE games into a single Universe.

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EVE Online News - Foundations of a Galactic Future

EVE Online News – CCP Presents New Comic, Artbook, Ship Models

The universe of EVE Online keeps on creeping into the real world. True stories from New Eden were turned into a series of comics, and the background lore has been documented in EVE: Source – a hardcover book that oozes gravitas. Buoyed by success, CCP have today announced a further four collectibles that players will be able to own, including a new comic series, hardcover artbook and detailed ship models.

EVE Online contains some of the most beautiful spaceships in science fiction, so it’s no surprise that players amass huge virtual collections and regularly request physical models of them. Although CCP itself produced a limited run of four ships in the past, the new models are being put together by two specialist firms. One of the most requested – the Retribution-styled Megathron – will be available as a 10” model from Quantum Mechanix. For those capsuleers seeking something more extravagant, the Nyx will be rendered into a 28” model by the high-end experts at Project Triforce. Together with the Rifter included with the EVE Collector’s Edition, it’s likely that fans will be clearing shelf space in anticipation.

Continuing on from EVE: True Stories, Dark Horse comics will be putting together a series exploring the history of Rán Kavik, the first Valkyrie in New Eden, and central character of EVE: Valkyrie. Starting out as a digital release, the series will eventually be compiled into a hardcover printed edition. The work will be created by a single artist and writer, to be announced soon.

Finally, a new hardcover artbook will be competing for space on your coffee table. EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden will be much more than a simple compilation of spaceships and nebulae. Alongside some of the best images produced by CCP, the pages will also cover previously unreleased artwork, concept art and processes, and include commentary from the artists themselves. Just as with EVE: Source, this artbook will be produced by Dark Horse, and made available in physical and digital formats.

For more information on all of these, check out the official site. We’ll also have an interview with the fine folks from Dark Horse Comics soon!

~Filed by Gareth Harmer, CCP Fanfest 2014

EVE Online News – Summer Expansion, Kronos, Announced

During this weekend's CCP Fanfest 2014, the EVE Online team took to the stage to discuss its new development model that will see up to ten meaningful, yet smaller, content expansions released each year. The summer's first installment in the new development model is Kronos.

Kronos also marks a major shift in EVE development from two expansions per year to around 10 releases annually as CCP aims to deliver more content, more frequently, to its legendary playerbase..

Vast industrial operations are behind the famous player wars that rage across EVE’s sprawling universe, while smaller individual efforts generate wealth, meaning and power at a personal level. Kronos will create dynamic shifts in the industrial landscape by adding cost-scale differences, specialized workers and teams, changes to reprocessing, and more. 

Read more on the EVE Online  site.

EVE Online News - Summer Expansion, Kronos, Announced

EVE Online News – Starbuck (Katie Sackhoff) Joins EVE Valkyrie

Katie Sackhoff, famous for her portrayal of Starbuck in the recent Battlestar Galactica series, is suiting up to play the starring role in CCP's upcoming multiplayer space dogfighter that utilizes Oculus and Sony Morpheus VR technology.

EVE: Valkyrie is a multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter set in the EVE Universe currently in development for VR headsets “Project Morpheus” on PlayStation 4 and Oculus Rift on PC. The game uses VR technology to give players the experience of being an actual pilot in an EVE space fighter and is being developed by the company’s Newcastle, UK studio.

“The first time I played EVE: Valkyrie I immediately knew I had to be a part of it,” said Sackhoff. “Even with the roles I have played, it is the closest I have ever felt to being a real spaceship pilot. It is a truly transformative video game experience.”

EVE Online News - Starbuck (Katie Sackhoff) Joins EVE Valkyrie

We'll have more news from Iceland and CCP's Fanfest as it becomes available. Our own Gareth Harmer is on the scene and collecting coverage for us all.

Source: Press Release

EVE Online News – CCP Unveils Monument to EVE Online

When an MMO creeps from the virtual world into the real one, it’s usually in the form of t-shirts, fiction and other must-haves for the dedicated fan. Which is what makes the latest project by CCP Games even more unusual – a five metre tall monument to EVE Online.

Positioned on the Reykjavik seafront and a stone’s throw from CCP HQ, “Worlds Within A World” is formed of two pillars that face each other, with a polished slab of aluminium standing between them. Fixed to the concrete base are a number of metal tiles, etched with the names of hundreds of thousands of player characters that were active at the time. A tool has also been provided for those hunting their own name.

Designed by artist Sigurður Guðmundsson with input from CCPs own art directors, the monument was formally handed over to the city, with mayor Jón Gnarr being presented with a ceremonial knife to cut away the twine that bound it. After claiming that he “doesn’t believe in reality”, he finished a short speech with a single word: “Beautiful.”

With EVE FanFest 2014 opening tomorrow, it’s likely that players will now be scouring those tiles in search of their own mark on the universe of New Eden. Speaking of which, it’s about time I found my own.

~Filed by MMORPG.com's Gareth Harmer

EVE Online News - CCP Unveils Monument to EVE Online EVE Online News - CCP Unveils Monument to EVE Online

EVE Online News - CCP Unveils Monument to EVE Online

EVE Online News – Fanfest 2014 to Include Unique Events

The EVE Online Fanfest 2014 schedule has been released. This year's convention will include several unique events that set it apart as a refreshingly new and exciting event.

Now in its tenth year, the massive, three-day fan celebration (May 1-3) in Reykjavik, Iceland will feature several unique events to go along with the amazing programming, round tables and sessions EVE fans have come to expect, including:

  • The official dedication of the World Within a World monument to EVE Online players in Reykjavik’s harbor the night before Fanfest begins. This event should prove to be a touching event and thank-you to those who made EVE’s first decade possible.  More information about the monument can be found at http://eve.com/monument
  • The EVE OF DESTRUCTION battle that pits 10 CCP developers and special guests against the undefeated MMA fighter and world-class Jiu-Jitsu specialist Gunnar “Gunni” Nelson in back to back submission wrestling.  More information about the match can be found at http://www.ccpgames.com/en/public-relations/press-releases/article/77208/eve-of-destruction-ccp-developers-brawl-mma-fighter-at-eve-fanfest/
  • In this year’s “Make EVE Real” session, Les Johnson, physicist, author and NASA technologist, will give a presentation about how mankind can overcome the challenges of interstellar travel to someday visit and settle other habitable planets using technologies that don’t violate the known laws of physics.
  • Announcements about the future of EVE Online, DUST 514 and EVE: Valkyrie, as well as hands-on demos of all three games, and more EVE universe news and special surprises.
  • The legendary Party at the Top of the World, featuring three stellar musical acts: Z-Trip (US), FM Belfast (Iceland) and Ásgeir (Iceland). Z-Trip, best known as a founder of the mash-up movement, returns triumphantly from last year’s crowd-thumping performance; local pop-electronica band FM Belfast kicks-off its European tour at the festival; and Ásgeir, having outpaced Sigur Ros and Bjork as the fastest-selling artist in Iceland’s history, is taking a short break from his world tour to perform at Fanfest 2014.

Download the full EVE Online Fanfest 2014 brochure.

EVE Online News - Fanfest 2014 to Include Unique Events