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EVE Online News – Oceanus Released, New French Language Assistance Debuts

EVE Online gamers could now delight in a fully localized French language version of the video game thanks to the arrival of the Oceanus upgrade. On top of that, new worm nebulae visuals as well as missions have actually been added.

Oceanus additionally brings other functions and adjustments focuseded on increasing and beautifying the huge EVE universe, driven by gamer feedback as well as CCP’& rsquo; s have vision,

  • New wormhole nebulae and visual effects make traveling through unknown space as gorgeous as it is dangerous
  • A second set of Burner missions provide greater challenges for high-level mission running, where rogue pirates have brought backup to defend against the players
  • The “Module Tiericide” effort kicks off massive rebalancing of all of EVE’s thousands of modules, providing even more choices for full customization of ships based on  individual skill levels and play styles
  • A new cloaking effect that is as science-fiction as it sounds
  • Balance passes on Interdictor and Interceptor class ships diversify the art of ambushing
  • UI changes: new tooltips and optional notifications allow players to focus more on their ambitions in EVE

Review the complete patch notes on the special Oceanus web page on the EVE Online site.

TERA News – First Impressions with Ripper X

Ripper visits the epic fantasy world of TERA Online for some closed beta action on the Jagged Coast PvP Server! TERA Online is a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG currently being created by Bluehole Studio and published by En Masse Entertainment. Check out TERA: First Impressions with Ripper X.

TERA News - First Impressions with Ripper X

Dragon Nest News – Going All Out for PvP

Earlier this summer, Dragon Nest won the award for Best PvP at E3 2011. In a new developer blog on the official site, Desmodeus, the lead producer for Dragon Nest, talks about PvP in the game and what makes it so unique, particularly focusing on skills, not stuff.

Skillz, not Stuff

When it comes to PvP, I believe that player skill rather than equipment should make the difference in whether you live or die, and this is true in Dragon Nest. For instance, we put a system in place that balances damage output between players of different levels. That means that you won’t be able to dominate the arena simply because you happen to have a 24th level Bow of Awesomeness. Learn to use your skills and combos effectively, and you can beat a higher level opponent.

Read more about PvP in Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest News - Going All Out for PvP

Dragon Nest News – Mark Your Calendars for September 28th

Nexon has announced that the official retail launch date for Dragon Nest will be on Wednesday, September 28th.

To celebrate the launch, the team has plans to implement a large content update that will include a new central town, new dungeons, five hundred new quests and an increased level cap to 32. From the press release: Each specialization will have six to eight new skills to master, such as: the Sharpshooter’s Rain of Arrows, the Mystic’s Gravity Crush, the Mercenary’s Whirlwind, the Paladin’s Divine Punishment and other powerful new skills.

Current open beta players will retain all of their characters, gear and progress when the game reaches retail launch.

Read more about Dragon Nest.

< style="text-align: center;"> Dragon Nest News - Mark Your Calendars for September 28th

Legendary Symphony Event

Legendary Symphony Event

Legendary Symphony Event

Music has always been a part of Atreia, from the town musicians to the musically-inspired Songweaver. The Legendary Symphony is the rarest of music scores and has been around since the beginning of the shattered world. With the fall of Tiamat, the Legendary Symphony score has been lost but with Beritra’s invasion into Atreia, the pieces of the Symphony have been showing up in the deepest of dungeons. Recreate the Legendary Symphony by collecting its five score pieces to trade for event prizes of your choosing!

– How to Participate –

The five scores of the Legendary Symphony can be found in specific instances. The scores are the Legendary Symphony – First Movement, Legendary Symphony – Second Movement, Legendary Symphony – Third Movement, Legendary Symphony – Fourth Movement, and Legendary Symphony – Epilogue. You combine these pieces to create the complete Legendary Symphony Copy, which can be traded in for event prizes. Each movement piece is tradeable (except for the Legendary Symphony Copy) so swap between friends, legionmates or sell it to the highest bidder. The Legendary Symphony – First Movement and Legendary Symphony – Epilogue are also available on the store.

Legendary Symphony Event

Part 1: Searching for the Scores

Getting your hands on pieces of the Symphony score won’t be easy as it is only available from defeating bosses in certain instances listed below.

The movements of the Symphony are scattered among these five instances. Defeat the boss for a chance to obtain one or more of the items.

Legendary Symphony Event

Part 2: Trading for Scores

Talk to Event NPC Sonatine to complete her first quest and to unlock additional event quests. The first quest is to trade 10 Legendary Symphony – First Movement to Sonatine. She will give you (1) Legendary Symphony Copy and unlock repeatable quests for additional score turn-ins. Andante’s quests will also be available after you complete first quest from Sonatine. With repeatable quests available from Sonatine and Andante, you can trade in 10 or 100 of the movements you don’t need for a random movement in return. When lucky, these quests can also provide a copy of the completed score – or even a stack of copies!

Part 3: Event Surveys & More

Every day for the duration of the event, an in-game survey will be available once per account for level 30+ characters. This survey offers (1) Legendary Symphony Copy, so be sure to log in every day and claim your copy! Prestige Pack holders will receive an additional daily survey on their character with the Prestige Badge. The Legendary Symphony Copy is not tradeable so be sure to complete the survey on the character you want the item on!

We will also be holding giveaways on Twitter for Legendary Symphony Copy items so follow us for giveaway details!

 – Location –

The event NPCs Sonatine, Allegro and Andante are located in the capital cities—Pandaemonium for Asmodians and Sanctum for Elyos.

 – Rewards –

All the rewards can be seen by visiting the event NPC, Andante. Items range from Blood Mark boxes, Tempering Solutions, Timeless equipment, Sonatine’s Friendship Box and more. 

Legendary Symphony Event

Complete the Legendary Symphony today and be rewarded for your efforts! Event ends March 11, 2015.

Weekly Server Maintenance – March 25, 2015, 5:30 AM Central

Weekly Server Maintenance – March 25, 2015, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25, 2015 from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 4.5 hours.

– Changes –

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. The Upgrade Arcade resumes for an additional week. Exclusive prizes await!
  3. The Power Lockboxes will no longer drop in game.
  4. The Fortune Lockbox will drop in game with the key available from the Key Pouch on the store.

Additionally from 7:30 AM to 9 AM Central, store pages and store purchases will be unavailable.


Thank you for your patience!