Dragon Nest News – Going All Out for PvP

Earlier this summer, Dragon Nest won the MMORPG.com award for Best PvP at E3 2011. In a new developer blog on the official site, Desmodeus, the lead producer for Dragon Nest, talks about PvP in the game and what makes it so unique, particularly focusing on skills, not stuff.

Skillz, not Stuff

When it comes to PvP, I believe that player skill rather than equipment should make the difference in whether you live or die, and this is true in Dragon Nest. For instance, we put a system in place that balances damage output between players of different levels. That means that you won’t be able to dominate the arena simply because you happen to have a 24th level Bow of Awesomeness. Learn to use your skills and combos effectively, and you can beat a higher level opponent.

Read more about PvP in Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest News - Going All Out for PvP

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