EVE Online News – Oceanus Released, New French Language Assistance Debuts

EVE Online gamers could now delight in a fully localized French language version of the video game thanks to the arrival of the Oceanus upgrade. On top of that, new worm nebulae visuals as well as missions have actually been added.

Oceanus additionally brings other functions and adjustments focuseded on increasing and beautifying the huge EVE universe, driven by gamer feedback as well as CCP’& rsquo; s have vision,

  • New wormhole nebulae and visual effects make traveling through unknown space as gorgeous as it is dangerous
  • A second set of Burner missions provide greater challenges for high-level mission running, where rogue pirates have brought backup to defend against the players
  • The “Module Tiericide” effort kicks off massive rebalancing of all of EVE’s thousands of modules, providing even more choices for full customization of ships based on  individual skill levels and play styles
  • A new cloaking effect that is as science-fiction as it sounds
  • Balance passes on Interdictor and Interceptor class ships diversify the art of ambushing
  • UI changes: new tooltips and optional notifications allow players to focus more on their ambitions in EVE

Review the complete patch notes on the special Oceanus web page on the EVE Online site.

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