TERA News – NA Beta Weekend Detailed

En Masse Entertainment has laid out the plans for this weekend's TERA beta event. CBT 3 is expected to kick off on Friday, March 9th at 11:00 PST and will run through midnight on Sunday, March 11th. Two PvP and two PvE servers will be active for the duration.

The team is promising some big changes based on player feedback including the red "name of shame" for players who gank others six or more levels below them. "Our design goal is to give players the tools to run the PvP server and set a framework that encourages meaningful PvP but doesn't let asshats ruin it for everyone else."

The level cap will also be increased to 32 which will open up the Val Aureum desert lands and Ostgarath. Azarel's Temple will also be available as a multi-instance dungeon.

Read all of the details on the TERA NA site.

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