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TERA News – Playing Outside North America

The TERA site has been updated with new information for players outside of North America and their ability to play on En Masse servers. According to the post, IPs from Asia, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East will be blocked due to "the vast majority of Internet traffic we see from these regions are from cyber-criminals relating to account theft, gold-farming and other hacking behavior."

What's your reaction to the IP blocking?

< style="text-align: center;"> TERA News - Playing Outside North America

TERA News – Dungeon Finder Coming on Release

The En Masse Entertainment blog for TERA has been updated with a new article entitled "New Launch Features: New and Better Dungeons". In it, the team details how the dungeon finder system in TERA will work for players of all types and levels.

Our new instance dungeon matcher helps you find the right healer, tank, or damage-dealer, gives you significant bonuses (depending on your role) for grouping, and even sends you extra rewards when the last boss falls. Speaking of rewards, you'll now see increased drops in all dungeons–up to double and triple the rates you've seen in past betas. Do your part, and you might be the proud owner of a Raiment of Nezrakul, Cauterus Axe, or Skysplitter's Bow.

Best of all, we added new dungeons and redesigned others so there's always some high-octane dungeon action available.

Read the full treatise on the TERA site.

TERA News - Dungeon Finder Coming on Release

Dragon Nest News – Cash Shop Opens & New High Level Dungeon

Nexon has announced that the cash shop and a new high-level dungeon for Dragon Nest have been added to the game as the North American open beta continues. Players will be able to use "scales", or the in-game currency, that they have earned during the open beta to purchase items from the Dragon Vault (in-game shop).

With today’s launch of the Dragon Vault, a wide variety of cosmetic and convenience items are now available for players to purchase, including: Adventurer’s Bags, Scrolls of Unlearning and a wide assortment of costume items. The Adventurer’s Bag expands a player’s inventory space, and the Scroll of Unlearning allows players to redesign their skill trees by resetting skill points. The costume packages are yet another way for characters to differentiate their avatar from the crowd. Additionally, seasoned players can now test their mettle in the Minotaur’s Nest encounter, a challenging boss fight that promises enviable rewards for the brave adventures who can defeat the mighty Minotaur.

Read more about Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest News - Cash Shop Opens & New High Level Dungeon

EVE Online News – Fanfest to Elements Live Steaming Throughout the Occasion

CCP has announced an assertive timetable of real-time streaming events to be held throughout the yearly FanFest that is established for May 1-3, 2014. Fans could purchase a full gain access to ticket for the virtual event for $19.95.

The EVE Fanfest hd stream includes:

  • Three full days of HD programming live from Fanfest
  • Access to the HD stream of the 24 April pre-Fanfest livestream with CCP developers who will give exclusive details about what to expect at the big event
  • A choice of one of four unique industry ship skins for EVE Online: the Inner Zone Shipping Iteron (Gallente), Tash-Murkon Bestower (Amarr), Nefantar Mammoth (Minmatar) or Wiyrkomi Tayra (Caldari). 
  • Digital copies of the Fanfest 2014 "Quafe" Tshirt for EVE Online (one male and one female) 
  • Subscriber-only giveaways and chat emotes during streams

Find out more regarding each one of the FanFest live stream options on the EVE Online website.

EVE Online News - Fanfest to Feature Live Steaming Throughout the Event

Dragon Nest News – First Gameplay Trailer

Nexon has released the first game play trailer for Dragon Nest. The trailer shows kinetic combat, deadly combos and bosses that players can look forward to experiencing when the game launches later this year.

Click the image below to check out the Dragon Nest trailer.

Dragon Nest News - First Gameplay Trailer

Dragon Nest News – Level 40 Content Update Coming Next Week

Come December 13th, high level Dragon Nest players will have new level 40 content to adventure through. According to the Dragon Nest Facebook page, the update will bring new quests and gear into the game as well as two new end game bosses.

The two new level 40 bosses live in appropriately named areas called Apocalypse Nest and Manticore Nest. Players must be buffed and battle hardened in order to take them on, according to devs.

Significantly, the Level 40 Content will also include the use of a mount system for the first time in Dragon Nest. Upon defeating Manticore and Apocalypse, players who picked up Horse Medallion drops have a chance to purchase an ‘Ebony Thunder’ or ‘Snow Breeze’ mounts.

Find out more about Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest News - Level 40 Content Update Coming Next Week