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EVE Online News – Rubicon Release Day Arrives

EVE Online players will want to going into the game since Rubicon has gone live so they could take on the overbearing galactic realms. Rubicon brings a lot of opportunities for tiny groups to make inroads and also lays foundation for legendary PvP fights of all dimensions.

In EVE Online: Rubicon, disobedience against empire control is just one of the dispute drivers. Pilots wage guerilla-style warfare versus other players, plunder their measured area in new ships meant for both expedition as well as battle, and also wear down industrial power from deep behind firing line by using mobile, player-owned structures that leech sources as well as give tactical support. Rubicon provides considerably for specific capsuleers and also small-sized fleets wanting to take journey, revenue and infamy within the virtually 8,000 solar systems of the EVE Universe.

Rubicon proceeds where Odyssey left off with new expedition content through Ghost Sites—– profitable as well as unsafe vaults concealed away precede by the pirate intrigues of EVE. Pilots have begun to encounter the secret modern technologies concealed within as well as to produce their own implants in brazen defiance of the empires’ & rsquo; specific commands.

On top of that, the Marauder, Electronic Attack Frigate, Interceptor and also Interdictor class hulls goinged back to the shipyards for re-engineering and other balancing modifications aimed to alter the warfare “& ldquo; meta & rdquo; for fleets of all sizes. New certificate and ship identification systems help amateur players reduce right into one of the world’& rsquo; s most undeniably deep games and also offer veteran players a higher sense of exactly what to accomplish next. Loads a lot more small as well as huge adjustments assist keep EVE’& rsquo; s tradition as an innovative and also effective sci-fi simulation.

Figure out more about Rubicon on the EVE Online page.

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Panesterra War Efforts

Panesterra War Efforts

Panesterra is Beritra’s final assault into Atreia and it is up to Daevas to put an end to Beritra’s development of dimensional teleportation technology. With any contested area, the rivalry between Asmodian and Elyos grow stronger. During these chaotic times, additional supplies are being delivered to those who step up to the challenge Panesterra presents. Enter Panesterra every Sunday at 7 PM Server Time and take up arms to claim your hold on Panesterra.

Panesterra War Efforts

For level 65 players who attend the Panesterra sieges, a survey will be available during the hour of the siege. The survey includes:

  • –    Expeditionary Force Ceramium Medal Box
  • –    [Event] Premium Wind Serum

 For the unsuccessful server faction, the 100 participating level 65 players will be award the following the Monday after the siege:

  • –    51 GP via quest items
  • –    Dragon’s Improvement Box

For all those participating regardless of server or faction, there will be a chance to get a bonus reward.

  • Ten randomly chosen players will get:
  • –    Major Danuar Relic (AP)
  • –    Noble Idian Bundle
  • Two randomly chosen players will get:
  • –    Tiamat Whelp’s Egg (30 days)
  • –    Ruddytail Heorn (30 days)


Bonus items will be delivered by Monday after the siege. See you on Sunday, Daevas!

TERA News – Hi-Res Textures Incoming

The En Masse forum has been updated with patch notes for TERA that will include hi-resolution textures for the game. Players for future weekend events can update their TERA client with the latest patch.

Players had expressed dissatisfaction with last weekend's beta event due to the lack of high-resolution graphics so this should cheer them up measureably.

Read the full patch note list on the En Masse TERA forum.


TERA News - Hi-Res Textures Incoming

EVE Online Information – CCP Shuts San Francisco Office, Terminates Two Directors

Gamasutra is stating that EVE Online'' s designer, CCP Games, has closed its San Francisco offices and discharged 2 United States execs. According to the record, general revenues at CCP are down this year, likely urging the discharges.

Revenues for the first 6 months of the existing fiscal year were $36.5 million, down from $36.7 million year-over-year, while profits prior to interest, taxes and also devaluation were $4.5 million, down from $8.3 million year-over-year. Joe Gallo, CFO at CCP Games, and David Reid, CMO at the business, have both left the business, claimed CCP in its most recent monetary statement.

Find out more at Gamasutra.

EVE Online News - CCP Closes San Francisco Office, Fires Two Execs

Dragon Nest News – Hands On Demo at PAX East

Nexon has announced that attendees at this weekend's PAX East will have the opportunity for a hands on look at its upcoming MMO, Dragon Nest. Players will be able to meet devs and characters from the game as well as try out a character in a Dragon Nest dungeon. The Vindictus team will also be on hand and Nexon has a terrific slate of prizes that fans can win.

Dragon Nest will be playable at Nexon booth #536. Fans can meet members of the development team, venture into a new dungeon with their friends and pose with characters from the game. Vindictus will be featured at Nexon booth #1050. Everyone is invited to stop by to play the game, meet members of the Vindictus team and enter to win awesome swag like rare Gnoll Chieftain Spirit Hoods, exclusive Dragon Nest giveaways, M15x Alienware laptops and other gaming goodies. All giveaways will be held at the Dragon Nest booth at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm each day of the show.

Read more here.

Dragon Nest News - Hands On Demo at PAX East

Dragon Nest News – Closed Beta Dated for EU Service

eFusion has announced that the EU closed beta for Dragon Nest will officially kick off on February 27th. The start of the CBT was delayed to improve localization of the game in various European languages.

Despite the initial plan to launch this famous action RPG at the end of last year, eFusion MMOG had to adjust its release schedule. "Last December, we had to make a very difficult decision to delay the launch of Dragon Nest in Europe, temporarily disappointing many European players that had been awaiting its arrival for months. The main point is that we really wanted to fully optimize the quality of this fantastic game in its localised versions to meet European players great expectations. Therefore, we needed a little more time than expected to finalise the optimisation process.", said Michael Lim, founder and CEO of eFusion MMOG.

Check out the Dragon Nest EU site.

Dragon Nest News - Closed Beta Dated for EU Service