Black Market Deals – This Weekend Only

Black Market Deals – This Weekend Only

All Daevas know Shugos are a very enterprising group. With the arrival of all these shiny equipment over the last couple of weeks (which was itself the work of some very creative Shugos), a demand has been created. After all, everyone wants to be as powerful as they can be, right?

A group of Shugos has recently come into a large supply of manastones and related items. It’s not clear how, but the phrase “fell off the back of a dredgion” was heard whispered a couple of times. No one wants to ask questions. At any rate, the Shugos are making Brilliant Composite Manastone Bundles and more available at some great prices for a limited time on the Black Cloud Marketplace.

So hurry and check it out. And we do mean hurry! Because, the Shugos have said they will only be available until Monday morning. It seems they’re in quite a hurry to collect their money and leave town.

Black Market Deals - This Weekend Only

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