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EVE Online News – Website to be Updated

A new post loaded with screenshots and more has actually surfaced on the EVE Online website. The official site will be undergoing some significant adjustments in the near future that ought to bring it howling as well as kicking into the 2nd years of the 21st century!

EVE Online News - Website to be Updated

EVE Online Information – Snake pit Introduce Day & UK Price Decrease

Straight out the EVE Online Fanfest: Snake pit will certainly be launching on May 22nd. Furthermore, UK membership costs will certainly be losing to £& pound; 9.99. We ' ll maintain you uploaded in this string as brand-new info appears.


EVE Online News - Inferno Launch Date & UK Price Drop

TERA News – Preorder Details

The team from has reached out with notice of its preorder deal for those who will be purchasing TERA prior to the game's May 1st release.

In addition to the game, all versions of TERA will include:

  • Early access to live servers (3 days before launch)
  • In-game bonus items:
    • Level 10 City Wheel Earrings
    • Level 35 Seren's Sand Ring
    • Pinto, the in-game mount (picture attached)

Check out the TERA standard edition and the collector's edition.

Folks preordering the CE will receive all of the above and:

  • Regal Frostlion Mount
  • Level 15 Velik's Bloodstone Necklace
  • Level 40 Shakan's Bloodstone Necklace

TERA News - Preorder Details

EVE Online Information – Inferno Update 1.2 Goes Live this August

CCP Games has announced that Snake pit 1.2 will certainly go survive Wednesday, August 8. The update introduces V3 shaders for Angel pirate-faction ships, a boosted '' New Gamer Feel'', and also a bunch of equilibrium fixes, with improvements to frigates and also additional moon alchemy responses of specific note.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!

Welcome to Atreia, a world ravaged by a celestial calamity and torn apart by war. As an Elyos or Asmodian, you are tasked with defending your world from all enemies and ensuring the triumph of your people in the ongoing struggle.

Below are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your time in Atreia.


Choose Asmodian: the Asmodian Initiative

There are two races to chose from and going Asmodian on the server Tiamat or Israphel will net you additional gear and items to help you along your journey in Atreia. Follow the link to read up on the Asmodian Initiative.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!

Get Started : The Player’s Guide

Confused? Don’t know where to level? The Player’s Guide can help! Here, you’ll find advice for players of all level ranges. Covering the basics like inventory management and using skills, and more advanced topics like Ascension, choosing a secondary class, and where to get the best gear, the Player’s Guide will help speed you on your way through Atreia.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!


Get Free Stuff: The Atreian Passport

Once you log into the game, before you do anything else, access your Atreian Passport and claim your free Daily Gift! This new feature gives you free stuff just for logging in! You can read more about it here.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!


Get More XP: The Fast Track Server

The best way for players to level quickly is the Fast-Track Server.  From levels 1 to 50, the fast track server provides a 200% XP boost, so you’ll be able to level twice as fast by simply being on it! Additionally, it is a safe zone from PVP combat, so you’ll be free to concentrate on maximizing your XP. You can stay on the Fast-Track Server until you hit level 56. Once reaching level 56, you will return to the Standard Server and resume your gameplay on our home server. By then you’ll have all the tools you need to be a powerful opponent to those who would challenge you!

Information on accessing the Fast -Track Server can be found in our Player's Guide. You can also switch back to your regular server at any time.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!


Get Style: The Black Cloud Marketplace

The Black Cloud Marketplace is your source for unique items that can help you level faster, fight better, or just help you add some personal style to your gameplay.  Aion is Truly Free™, which means that you can do everything in the game without paying a penny—get to max level, gear up, participate in PVP and PVE content—it’s all free. But we do have a selection of items to help improve your Daeva’s quality of life. Available both via web and through the in-game icon, the Black Cloud Marketplace lets players shop for items that will help them get the most out of their game. It’s all up to you as to what you buy. Like that shiny new mount? Go for it! Want to change your wings? You can do that too!

And we’ve created a special section of Novice Discounts just for new players, with promotional prices on some great items available for players starting at level 10.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!



To shop at the Black Cloud Marketplace, you’ll need NCoin, which is our in-game currency. You can read more about it here.  To purchase NCoin, simply visit the NCSOFT Store.

Tips, Hints, and More for New Players!


Visit us on the forums for any additional inquiries or answers our community may have!

Dragon Nest News – Donâ

One of the things that can turn off players to any given game is if it's considered "cute". But, at least in Dragon Nest's case, the cute is only the surface of what Managing Editor Bill Murphy says is a deceptively deep and engaging game. Check out Bill's impressions of Nexon's Dragon Nest and then let us know what you think in the comments!

During my first few hours with the game, I slaughtered a charging troll boss, a massive shielded orc, and took out a so-big-I-got-nervous-at-first minotaur in the depths of some creepy ruins. The setting and enemies of Dragon Nest are cliché, but the art work and presentation are anything but. With fantastically captured cinematic segues during the game’s dungeons, the games does a fantastic job of giving players a tale to follow without forcing them to read thousands of lines of text. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of text during the accepting and turning in of quests in town, but this “movie” approach to the action during dungeon-romps is a pretty cool way to add some flair even if it’s not 100% new.

Read more of Bill Murphy's Dragon Nest: Don’t Let the Cute Fool You.


Dragon Nest News - Donâ