Dragon Nest News – Closed Beta Apps Being Accepted

Nexon has updated the official Dragon Nest site with a new button to apply for the closed beta. Dragon Nest is an anime-flavored action MMORPG set to debut later this year.

The trouble began, as these stories so often do, with a crime. Lucius, the favored son of Desmodeus, the ruler of the gods, stole his father's lustre and used its power to create his own world. Furious at his son and desperate to reclaim the powerful lustre, Desmodeus consulted Galantia, the sage of the gods. It was she who told him that only a mortal from the world he had been dreaming of could retrieve the lost lustre. Alas, such a retrieval would come at great cost. Desmodeus would lose what was most precious to him.

Find out more and sign up for closed beta testing on the official Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Closed Beta Apps Being Accepted

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