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EVE Online Information – Rubicon Absolutely Feels Compelling

Rubicon, EVE Online'' s 2013 Winter months Expansion, was just recently launched as well as we'' ve taken the new material for a spin. View exactly what we thought of our time in Rubicon just before leaving your very own perceptions in the comments.

As the first chapter in this new tale, Rubicon works well at establishing the scene. The concept of the Empires shedding their hold as well as Capsuleer corporations swamping in is certainly alluring. And also, stopping a few missteps, the new devices that CCP has given are most definitely enjoyable to make use of. However it’& rsquo; s tough to judge the growth by itself, mostly due to the 10 years tradition that it’& rsquo; s improved, and also mostly since it takes time for changes to ripple through the MMO sandbox. While the initial few actions are strong, it’& rsquo; s going to take a while to know if the direction we’& rsquo; re heading in is a great one.

Read more of Gareth Harmer'' s EVE Online: Rubicon Definitely Really feels Convincing.

EVE Online News - Rubicon Certainly Feels Compelling

TERA News – Open Beta & Head Start

The TERA NA site has been updated with the open beta and head start schedules so players can start making gaming plans. There will be a special beta event for pre-order customers with a general beta event for everyone.

TERA is nearly here and we want you to join us. If you've pre-ordered your copy already, we have several opportunities for you to get into the game ahead of the rush: an early chance to reserve your favorite character name, as well as exclusive early starts on the Open Beta Test and the game's launch!

If you haven't pre-ordered, don't worry. You're still welcome to join our Open Beta Test and be part of the action!

Check out the full slate of events on the TERA NA site.


TERA News - Open Beta & Head Start

TERA News – Castanics Spotlighted in Fyrmount Trailer

TERA's EU publisher, Frogster, has released a new video showing off Fyrmount, a fiery volcanic area with close ties to the enigmatic and secretive Castanic race. Check it out!

Young males and females wanting to be accepted as adults in Castanic society are sent to the far reaches of Fyrmount to be pushed to their limits. Only those that can overcome their tasks are recognized as an adult amongst their peers. Whilst the Castanics are renowned for their cunning, amongst the lava flows and volcanic geysers littered in Fyrmount, the younglings will need every ounce of will and determination that they possess to emerge successful.

EVE Online News – Fanfest Kicks Off Today

The annual EVE Online Fanfest is planned to start today, Thursday, March 22nd. CCP will be live broadcasting the occasion for the high cost of no.

CCP prepares to offer keynote addresses to the assembled crowd on both DIRT 514 and EVE Online. Take a look at each one of the events and plan to listen in at the web links listed below:

Tune in beginning 12:45 GMT right here EVE TELEVISION Set up hyperlink Fanfest Schedule hyperlink

Need to figure out when that is in your time zone? Take a look at the Global Clock time converter.

EVE Online News - Fanfest Kicks Off Today

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

This “Fast Forward Friday” we take a sneak peek at a new system we are adding in game called the Atreian Passport.

The Atreian Passport is a daily stamp collecting system that offers unique gifts just for entering Atreia! All your characters on one account share the same Passport, allowing any one of your characters to check in. There is no level restriction for having and using the Passport.

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

– How Does It Work –

For every day you log into the game, you get a stamp on your Passport as well as a free gift. You can find the Atreian Passport by logging in game and clicking the Passport icon by the Compass. Log in daily to collect your gifts and stamps. For the first month, you can collect 21 stamps but every subsequent month you can collect up to 28 stamps. Every 7 consecutive stamps on the Passport will give you a special gift. Make it a goal to collect all the stamps each month to maximize your gifts. 

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

– Gifts –

When you log in each day, a system message will alert you that a stamp has been added to your Passport and you will receive a daily gift! The Daily Gift boxes consist of consumables with a special gift on your 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th stamp. There is also an Anniversary Gift only available to you every year on the month of your account creation. Just log in any day during your anniversary month and you’ll get the gift box in the Daily Gift menu. Unsure of when you created your account? Don’t worry we have it right on the bottom of the Passport menu.

To claim your gifts, you will need to claim the item via the Daily Gifts tab on the Passport menu when you bring it up. They will not be put in your inventory automatically as they can be claimed by any character on the account. Daily Gifts will continue to accumulate here until they are claimed. You can claim it at any time and on any character on the account. Similar to your mailbox, the tab can only store 50 unclaimed gift boxes. We suggest you collect your gifts in a timely fashion, as the oldest ones will be overwritten as newer gifts come in. Once claimed, to identify the items from the Atreian Passport, there will be a [Stamp] tag associated with the items.

Sneak Peek: Atreian Passport

The Atreian Passport is a permanent feature of the game and will be available immediately upon the launch of the upcoming update. We'll be posting more details about the update to Steel Cavalry every Friday so check back with us frequently!

Scheduled Website Maintenance – March 6, 2015, 7 AM Central

Scheduled Website Maintenance – March 6, 2015, 7 AM Central

There will be a scheduled website maintenance period tomorrow, Friday, March 6, 2015  from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. Game login and servers will not be affected.

Web login, new account creation, and store purchases will be unavailable during this time.


Thank you for your patience!