Dragon Nest News – Edge of Darkness Patch Deployed

Nexon has announced that the Dragon Nest patch called "Edge of Darkness" has been deployed. The patch brings a pair of new dungeons, a new event, the 1v1 PvP ladder and several key Dragon Vault items into the game.

Two new level 15+ dungeons have been added to the game:

  • Rozin Sanctuary: This dungeon can be chosen from the Edge of Darkness tab –> Rozin Sanctuary channel. After that, players will need a pass from the NPC Priestess of Darkness to enter. The dungeon does not cost any Empowerment Points but players do not receive any XP for entering Rozin Sanctuary.
  • Jealous Atrium: Up to four players can enter the Jealous Atrium which is played in 24 rounds. Players are charged with protecting the Goddess's statue from increasing numbers of enemies and slaying all enemies in every round. Players are only gifted one life and the dungeon ends when the entire party dies. Rewards are given based on the number of completed rounds.

<> The Daredevil Faire has also been added to the game where players can try out various, yet atypical, carnival games. The games seem to be a 'survival of the fittest' type and rewards are said to be "beyond your wildest dreams".  Events take place in several dungeons.

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