EVE Online Information – New Nebulae Incoming

CCP t0rfifrans has actually penned the latest designer blog on the EVE Online site. This time the video game'' s nebulae are under the microscope. According to t0rfifrans, the concept behind the redesign of the nebulae is to “” make the globe a lot more genuine as well as offer folks a better feeling of scale and also area in the universe.””

Gamers will see adjustments in space depending on where they are and as they near a certain sensation, the environment will alter, come to be much more thorough. As gamers make room jumps, the backgrounds will transform too. Lastly, Lowsec as well as nullsec will certainly become the frightening as well as dark locations they are suggested to be.

Review the full dev blog site on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - New Nebulae Incoming

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