EVE Online News – Fight for Caldari Excellent In-depth

EVE Online as well as DIRT 514 gamers are preparing for an impressive cross system, cross game event called the Battle for Caldari Prime. The occasion is slated to provide lore behind the melding of the two games and also '' unscripted elements' ' that will attract players into make vibrant changes.

As a showcase to the level of participation and also influence players of both video games have in the EVE universe, we have been holding a series of in-game occasions that explain the arrival of the DIRT mercenaries and also weave their background into the EVE story. The events to date have been reasonably consisted of. They‘& lsquo; ve involved both DIRT 514 and also EVE Online gamers, yet they‘& lsquo; ve been much more focused towards the core neighborhood of EVE tradition afficionados. These events have actually nevertheless all been developing to something.

That something is taking place now.

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EVE Online News - Battle for Caldari Prime Detailed

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