Dragon Nest News – Scarlet Snow Update Goes Into Effect

In the latest Dragon Nest update, players are treated to a host of new content and a level cap increase. Developers have indicated that there are new raid bosses to defeat, holiday events in which to take place, and special holiday sales in the Dragon Vault.

The winter holidays have come to “Dragon Nest,” and a fun, festive atmosphere permeates the air in town and in dungeons. Players can purchase a holiday set package to receive special holiday rewards, or they can defeat Santa Ducks and Rudolph Ducks in dungeons to earn holiday fireworks, snowballs, or even a new gesture. Players will have plenty to explore in the eleven new dungeons opening up today for players levels 32 and up. Fans of player versus player (PvP) combat will also have all new gear sets to acquire.

Read more about the Scarlet Snow update on the Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Scarlet Snow Update Goes Into Effect

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