Dragon Nest News – “Theater of War” Update Brings New PvP Modes

Nexon recently deployed the new "Theater of War" update to Dragon Nest servers, adding a bevy of new PvP content and tweaks as well as two new PvE dungeons to the game.

On the PvP front, Nexon has given the game's classic PvP modes a bit of a makeover, while also adding Protect-the-Captain, Free-for-All, and Ladder modes to round out the game's PvP offering. Fans of  Ghoul mode (introduced last month) can also look forward to a number of tweaks and additions, including the ability to transform into mummy ghouls and access a whole new set of skills, items, and achievements.

If PvP isn't your thing, "Theater of War" also adds two new PvE dungeons, namely the Chaos Rift Kamala and Chaos Rift Viera. The former is a dungeon for characters level 24 and above, while the latter is an endgame dungeon for characters at the current level cap of 32. Both dungeons are randomly laid out every time you go in and are only playable on the game's hardest difficulty: Abyss mode.

"Theater of War" also adds the game's first mount, the Royal Crimson Stallion. Purchase a Dragon Egg (Gachapon) on the Dragon Vault for a chance at acquiring one of these new mounts.

Finally, Nexon is encouraging players to run tons of dungeons over the next few days, as every 500,000 dungeon runs will unveil a new Black Friday deal for those looking to save some money on the in-game shop.

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