EVE Online News – CCP Video games Releases Fanfest 2015 Information

EVE Online gamers, if you place'' t bought your tickets to following year'' s EVE Fanfest,'there ' s good news and trouble. The good news is, you victoried ' t be able to get your practical the cheapie package because it'' s offered out. Fortunately is, there'' s still hope of getting ahold of a restricted variety of affordable tickets.

Requirement admission to the occasion is $200, but also for the moment existing'' s a limited number of tickets at the $175 rate factor. Even a lot better, Icelandair as well as Facility Hotels are supplying unique paces to guests on airfare and also accommodations. If that'' s insufficient incentive, visit these Fanfest details:

  • Presentations by CCP developers and community members
  • Exclusive reveals and sneak previews for all of CCP’s games
  • Live tournaments
  • Player/developer roundtable discussions
  • Exclusive charity dinner hosted by CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson and other CCP staff
  • The infamous Developer Pub Crawl
  • The Blue Lagoon Hangover Party (we can only imagine)

<> Cool as these are, perhaps the coolest part of attending Fanfest next year is that during the show (March 20) there will be a total solar eclipse and according NASA, if you want to get a front seat to the event, it doesn't get better than Iceland.

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