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TERA News – Free Server Transfers Detailed

En Masse Entertainment has announced that players wishing to transfer characters to different servers will be able to do so beginning today, April 30th and continuing through server stabilization when restrictions will be applied.

In addition, the team announced that a new PvP centric server has been created called "Feral Valley" to accommodate increasing numbers of PvPers.

Read more about server transfers on the TERA page.

TERA News - Free Server Transfers Detailed

EVE Online News – CCP Posts $21M in Losses for Monetary 2013

CCP Games is reporting over $21M in losses for monetary 2013 baseding on a report at While total income increased substantially, substantial business financial investment in research study as well as advancement contributed to the decrease.

A note in CCP'' s full financial presentation appears to assist the concept that a huge consider this $40 million rise in R&D prices was the extraction of asset valuation recently attributed to World of Darkness.

“” Throughout the year the firm evaluated its capitalized development assets and also established that a part of those properties would likely not have future economic benefits,”” a declaration going along with the report discusses. “” IAS 38 calls for that such possessions ought to be derecognized and also eliminated from the balance sheet. The cost related to the derecognized assets are presented as component of research and advancement cost in the statement of comprehensive income.””

Find out more at the web link above.

EVE Online News - CCP Posts $21M in Losses for Fiscal 2013

TERA News – Devs Speak of the Year that Was

TERA Senior Producer Brian Knox has written a letter to review all of the development milestones reached during 2011.

Knox details:

  • The Korean launch of TERA and the recognition of TERA as a global brand
  • The creation of a game that, while similar to the Korean version, is tailored for Western audiences. This includes security and game features that will be specific to the West.
  • The previews of TERA shown during all of the industry's major game conventions during 2011
  • Launcher, installer, forums, support tools, account management tools, security, key generation and more were worked on, generally behind the scenes.
  • Dev team begins work on the first 30, 60, 90 days post-launch even prior to TERA's launch

<> Read the full producer's letter on the TERA site.

EVE Online Information – Fanfest to Consist of Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Handling CCP Devs

In one of the more unusual announcements about this year'' s CCP Fanfest, the advancement group has revealed that a number of participants will be facing off in martial combat versus MMA boxer Gunnar “” Gunni”” Nelson.

<> During EVE OF DESTRUCTION, Nelson will face off against CCP Games staff members and special guests in 10 back-to-back, one-versus-one wrestling matches in a fighting cage on loan from Mjölnir MMA Gym, his home training ground. The winner of each match is determined by submission, with unlimited time per round and only enough time between rounds for the introduction of the next competitor.

TERA News – Another Chance to Test Functionality

Frogster has announced that today will mark another round of "functionality testing" for TERA. Those who take part are not there "to enjoy the game but rather to test our server functionality". Testing opportunities will happen from 14:00 CET/GMT+1 until 18:00 CET/GMT+1.

Read the full announcement on the TERA EU forum.

Thanks to Coolit for the tip!


TERA News - Another Chance to Test Functionality

TERA News – Dracoloth Sovereign Invasion Event Detailed

According to a short and sweet post on the En Masse Entertainment TERA page, a new in-game event will kick off on March 20th. Called Dracoloth Sovereign Invasion, the dracoloths are too large for a single player to take down alone, necessitating the formation of groups.

With the rise in players, we’ve seen a rise in dracoloths around the world of TERA. They’re too big to handle alone, so collect some friendly fighters and head out to find them. They could be anywhere—but they’re dracoloths, so they’re not exactly inconspicuous.

Corpse camping won’t work on these things, though—once they’re down, they’re down for good.

Dracoloth Sovereign Invasion: March 20–24

Location: Wouldn’t you like to know…

Find out more on the TERA site.

TERA News - Dracoloth Sovereign Invasion Event Detailed