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EVE Online News – CSM Chairman Announces Resignation, Issues Apology

The chairman of the EVE Online Council of Stellar Administration has actually revealed his intent to surrender from his position as a result of an occasion recently where a suicidal player was buffooned throughout FanFest. The panel conversation was billed as “” unfiltered”” however, baseding on Gianturco, his actions were undesirable.

Baseding on a blog post on the EVE forums, Gianturco showed that he was over intoxicated as well as didn'' t realize what he had actually claimed though he additionally certified that this was not a reason for his actions.

I really feel absolutely embarrassed of my habits at the Alliance Panel. It'' s one point to play a villain in an online roleplaying video game – when I publish on these online forums or on twitter, I generally do so as '' The Mittani ', and also do my best to persuade everybody that I'' m an unrepentant space bad guy, as that type of facade provides an in-game benefit to me and also my alliance. However I am not that personality in real life, as any person who has satisfied me can confirm. I went means, method,/ method/ past the line on Thursday night by buffooning the Mackinaw miner at a real-life event. I, as an individual, am not the body that I play in EVE; I am not in fact a psychotic or a sadist, and also I definitely put on'' t want people to eliminate themselves in real life over a web spaceship game, whatever I could do or claim within the game itself. CCP may say '' EVE is Real ', yet EVE is not real – as well as the line between the video game as well as reality must not be violated.

As yet, Gianturco has actually not finished his retirement though he has indicated that he will do so through his Mittani Twitter account. We'' ll keep you uploaded as the tale gets.

Check out the apology on the EVE Online online forum.

EVE Online News - CSM Chairman Announces Resignation, Issues Apology

Store Update – January 28, 2015

Store Update – January 28, 2015

Now with our update live in game, we have a new costume in the store along with returning favorites now permanently part of the couture collection. Two new 30-day pets are up for adoption, and the Enchanting Chest is available for those who want to get ahold of the new Enchantment Stones!



Look freshly showered with the Stylish Bathrobe and Shower Cap. Simple Country and Dapper costumes are now permanent additions to the store.

Store Update - January 28, 2015Store Update - January 28, 2015Store Update - January 28, 2015


Pick up a Tiamat Whelp pet for a magical stat buff or a Squeeble pet for attack stat buff when fed Aether Cherries!

Store Update - January 28, 2015Store Update - January 28, 2015

Enchanting Chest

Get at least two Delta Enchantment Stones from this box or the chance to score two Epsilon Enchantment Stones!

Store Update - January 28, 2015


You can see all our store items in our in-game shop or click here to see it on the web store.


TERA News – Website Overhauled

En Masse Entertainment has officially launched the reworked website for TERA Online. According to devs, the site has been retooled in order to "provide an easy and intuitive all-in-one system where users can create, access, and manage web and game features."

Check out the new TERA site.

TERA News - Website Overhauled