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EVE Online News – Demoing EVE-VR at E3 2013

Throughout E3, the group gatheringed with CCP Video games to look into the following 10 years of EVE Online. One of things they took pleasure in viewing was the “” EVE-VR”” at work. See exactly what the group idea then visit the remarks.

CCP remains to consider eSports with EVE and also the Partnership Tournament offered some special rewards through live stream. However what we additionally saw at E3 was EVE-VR, constructed to maximize the Oculus Rift. CCP have an extremely strong deathmatch prototype game which might most definitely translate right into an enormously scaled dogfighting video game. We reached demo EVE-VR as well as the busy room combat as seen through your own cockpit was merely remarkable. The game was established by five members of the EVE group for enjoyable and also now is resembling a solid addition to the studio’& rsquo; s video game library. Utilizing simply missiles and also lasers, you battle in a 7 vs. 7 battle scenario which just last a few minutes, but exactly what a couple of minutes. Improved by the full 3D border view of the goggles, the video game brings you right into the seat of your ship. I’& rsquo; ll allow Costs and Rob clarify it in their very own words.

Read more of Expense'' s, Rob ' s as well as Garrett ' s EVE Online: Demoing EVE-VR at E3 2013.

EVE Online News - Demoing EVE-VR at E3 2013

EVE Online News РThe Serpent̢

Naysayers apart, several EVE Online gamers are enjoying something called F-U-N. In his most current One Jump Home column,'' s Ross McDermott discusses a few of the great times he'' s been enjoying in video game and also forecasts that the future of EVE is still quite bright. Inspect it out and after that leave us your comments.

Therefore, enjoyable was had. Some followed, most were reluctant, as well as few considered the political ramifications of their actions. It took two aviators, two from Test Partnership Kindly Neglect and one from Elite Room Guild – The Alliance I occur to be the Chief Executive Officer of – to obtain caught in the crossfire prior to everything came tumbling down. After a night of fanciful free-flying via Delve, the fleet of Pandemic Horde, EXAMINATION as well as ESG were ready to pack up their bags. Good battles were no place to be had and tiredness and monotony were starting to take hold. Sleepy aviators were ready for their beds, so ships were carried in the direction of the system known as 1DH and all the gates were green.

Find out more of Ross McDermott'' s One Leap House: The Snake’& rsquo; s Apple.


EVE Online News - The Serpentâ

Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest

Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest

Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest

We’ve let benevolent Rainbow Snake into our hearts and now let’s express our love for Him in art! Display your praise for the Chromatic Brilliance in our art contest by creating a parody of Rainbow Snake in either a popular fine art or movie poster!

– Contest Categories –

We are looking for entries based on these two categories. Only one submission for this content will be allowed.

– How to Participate –

  1. Pick a category to create your Rainbow Snake art parody. Choose from either a popular fine art or a movie poster.
  2. Feel free to use any image editor program to create your masterpiece. Entries should show a reasonable amount of effort.
  3. Email your Rainbow parody art with the subject “Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Contest” to Please include this line in the email body, "This email is submitted as an entry in the Aion “Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest”, along with your in-game character name, server, which category your entry is for, or any other additional notes you want us to consider. If your submission size is too large to send via e-mail, please use an image-sharing site and send us the link.

– Reward –

Entries will be rated by creativity, originality, and or/best representation of Aion. One winner from each category will be selected for the First and Second Place Prize. Three runner-ups will be selected for each category.

  • First Place: Trillirunerk's Feather (Magical or Physical, winner’s choice)
  • Second Place: [Event] Everlasting Chronamimbus Container
  • Runner-Up: Rainbow Snake Costume


All entries must be received by April 16, 2015. Please click here for official contest rules. Best of luck, Daevas!

Draw Me Like One of Your Rainbow Snakes Parody Contest

Dragon Nest News – Ripper X – First Impressions & PvP Preview's Ripper X ventures into Dragon Nest to offer his first impressions of the game. But wait! That's not all! We have a juicy double feature as Ripper has a second video featuring the new Arena PvP mode in Dragon Nest. Be sure to check out Dragon Nest: Ripper X – First Impressions & PvP Preview!

Dragon Nest News - Ripper X - First Impressions & PvP Preview

TERA News – Temple of Temerity Shines

The TERA site has been updated with the third installment of the dungeon profile series. This time, the Temple of Temerity sits in the spotlight. The Temple of Temerity is a timed instanced dungeon where players are charged with protecting a relic from increasingly numerous and difficult monsters trying to destroy it.

EVE Online Information – Forming the Training course of New Eden

A brand-new and also fascinating post has actually shown up on the EVE Online website that gives new details concerning how EVE Online and also DUST 514 gamers will certainly be setting the program for New Eden in the future. Through a collection of in-game live events as well as even more, gamers will be able to have a direct effect on the future of New Eden.

Exactly what is Uprising?

There is a unstable as well as brand-new aspect being introduced to the EVE Cosmos: the DUST 514 mercenary. The full effect of these new never-ceasing soldiers is yet to be really felt but taking into consideration the pressure they forecast it’& rsquo; s simply an issue of time just before the container boils over.

Find out more on the EVE Online website.

EVE Online News - Shaping the Course of New Eden