EVE Online News – True Stories from the First Decade Site Launched

CCP Games has launched a new site to help collect stories from EVE Online players. Called "True Stories from the First Decade", the site allows players to submit anecdotal tales from their experiences within EVE Online in preparation for the game's official tenth anniversary later this spring.

 “Our players have entertained EVE’s followers for ten strong years, coming up with the most unique, inventive ideas and then acting them out amongst the stars,” said Torfi Frans Olafsson, Creative Director of the EVE Universe Intellectual Property Group. “They are the backbone of this game universe and we are proud to celebrate their stories both big and small.”

In true EVE fashion, players can tag characters, corporations, alliances and solar systems in order to add context and permanence to the events they describe, echoing the truths that reputation is of utmost importance in a shared society such as EVE and that each decision a player makes could have consequences ripple well into the future.

Read the developer blog about the True Stories project or head to the True Stories from the First Decade site to get started right away.

EVE Online News - True Stories from the First Decade Site Launched

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