Dragon Nest Information – New Chapter in Apocrypha 2 Launched

Nexon has actually revealed that the following chapter in the Dragon Nest Apocrypha 2 has been launched. Gamers can locate 2 new dungeon growths, new accessories and crests and what devs are calling all brand-new game key ins the Dragon Exploration.

In the brand new Apocrypha 2 Chapter, Jasmine is back with a new military that is set on conquering Altera at last. Players at degree 50 as well as up will be able to access the 3 new Dungeons brought in with the new Apocrypha 2 Chapter and battle in the battle versus Jasmine, with interesting brand-new main, side as well as daily pursuits. Extra brand-new locations in the Apocrypha 2 chapter include The Land of the Dead- Alnuut Valley, The City of Desert- Tel Rosa Streets, and the Occupied Temple.

Players at level 60 and up will certainly get access to the portal to the new Dragon Expedition in the Yard of Eternity (Lvl 60) and also fight in strong battles to help conserve Altera by beating the Mobius Realm, with 50 brand-new objectives, new titles, brand-new costumes consisting of Degree 15 Magic Costumes, brand-new special recipes for cooking abilities as well as a brand-new Manticore pet dog! The Dragon Exploration is for two-player participating play, calling for teamwork as well as coordination to complete it.

Discover much more on the Dragon Nest website.

Dragon Nest News - New Chapter in Apocrypha 2 Released

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