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EVE Online News – The Ground War Begins on January 10th

According to a new developer blog on the official EVE Online site, the migration of current DUST 514 players into the EVE universe will begin "after a slightly longer than usual scheduled downtime" on Thursday, January 10th. DUST players can be recruited into corporations and will appear in General chat as well.

Besides just chatting about the weather or sharing battle stories, we are also introducing the first component of higher level gameplay as part of Faction Warfare. DUST mercenaries can accept contracts offered by the NPC Faction Warfare miltias and fight to attack or defend them in the form of corporation battles. These come with the risk of losing a collateral payment of ISK, but a victory will secure a district on one of the many temperate planets in Faction Warfare space. The more districts a militia has control over the fewer victory points will be required for EVE Faction Warfare pilots to take ownership of the system.

Read more about the interaction between the two games on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - The Ground War Begins on January 10th

Dragon Nest Information – Kali Joins the Fight

Dragon Nest EU players can now add Kali to their rankings many thanks to her arrival in video game. Kali has the capability to summon spirits as well as could be an awesome opponent both from array as well as melee ranges. Baseding on devs, Kali is a well-shaped harm dealership.

Spiritual Powers Her graceful melee battle style coupleded with the capacity to mobilize spirits is feared by evil powers across Althea. Incorporating melee and also array strikes with stunning dark magic makes her an all-round harm dealership. Specifically in medium-ranged fights, her special and distinct techniques take complete effect.

Find out more on the Dragon Nest EU site.

Dragon Nest News – New Amulet System Arrives in Year’s Very first Update

Dragon Nest has been updated for the initial time in 2014. Consisted of in the patch is the new Amulet System that enables gamers to boost stats in the following classifications: trength, Dexterity, Intellect, Physical/Magical Damage, Critical Rate, Paralyze capacity, as well as Stun chance.

Players who have actually gotten to Level 50 and over can access the Third Void Expansion, that includes the story of Jasmine’& rsquo; s discovery of an Ancients’ & rsquo; wrecks and it & rsquo; s power. Over 20 brand-new missions have been added to challenge gamers within the 3rd Void Growth.

Using the new Talisman tab on the Character Home window, Talismans can be dragged right into any sort of open slot on the player’& rsquo; s character. This lowers the player or raises’& rsquo; s statistics based on port area. Gamers can just furnish these talismans while in town or just before they descend right into dungeons or gamer versus player (PvP) arenas.

And for players searching for the best obstacle, there’& rsquo; s the brand-new Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore Mode! Desert Dragon Nest: Hardcore Mode will open for those that are level 60 and also have the “& ldquo; Zakad & rsquo; s Third Eye, & rdquo; which can be gotten from Desert Dragon Nest Typical Mode. In Hardcore mode the nest should be cleared in less compared to 40 mins as well as can simply be cleared as soon as a week. The most difficult difficulty of all is that players could not revitalize if they die. When the method has actually been finished, gamers will be awarded with an unique success, Famous items as well as devices, as well as Legendary Hidden Capacity Sparks.

Read the complete area notes on the Dragon Nest website.

Dragon Nest News - New Talisman System Arrives in Year's First Update