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EVE Online News – Inferno Launch Interview

Inferno, the latest in a long string of expansions to EVE Online launched earlier this week. We managed to catch up with CCP's Lead Game Designer Kristoffer Touborg and Senior Producer Jonathan Lander to talk all about Inferno and what it brings to EVE. Read on!

MMORPG: This is a free expansion for players, tell us about how it impacts the game?

KRISOFFER TOUBORG: It should keep that wonderful and healthy war machine going. EVE’s ecosystem relies on ships being built regularly and then getting blown up, so giving players the tools to do this is essential. In faction warfare, we’re now actively rewarding players for killing other players. Apart from the usual rewards of modules and salvage, players will now receive loyalty points which they can use in their factions loyalty point store. Mostly we’ve put a reward on contributing to your faction in a multitude of ways, to make sure war is indeed great business. We’ve also started balancing the frigates in EVE and will be shipping the first batch. New players get better tools to participate and join the action, so if you’re worried about not being able to contribute off the bat, jump in the new frigates and go shoot someone. We’re going to balance all of them and Inferno is the first round.

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EVE Online News - Inferno Launch Interview

EVE Online News – Inferno Arrives with New Trailer

CCP Games has announced that the seventeenth EVE Online expansion, "Inferno", has officially launched. To celebrate the momentous occasion, the EVE Online team has released a new trailer for our viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

EVE Online News – Skyward Sphere Video Released

Last week, CCP released a high altitude balloon that carried the names of all current EVE Online subscribers in a special vessel attached to it. The team has released a new video showcasing the event. Enjoy!

EVE Online News – Inferno Launching May 22nd

CCP has announced that the EVE Online Inferno expansion will officially launch on May 22nd. The crown jewel in Inferno is the reworking of major war-related game systems as well as bringing in new features.

Key features of Inferno include:

  • Mercenary Marketplace: pay the best guns-for-hire to settle your scores or make yourself avaialble to the highest bidders in the most notorious PVP universe in gaming
  • War Declarations: reworked systems to help you wage war and keep track of your legacy
  • Missiles and Launchers: savor every moment from launch to impact with missile launchers and dramatic new missile effects
  • Factional Warfare: enlist in a faction and join the entry-level game of conquest with more rewards and deeper gameplay than ever before
  • Visual Updates: Enhanced graphics on ship models and increased options in the industry-leading character creator
  • Plus Kill Reports, Unified Inventory, 16 new modules and dozens of enhancements to both graphics and gameplay

Learn more about Inferno on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Inferno Launching May 22nd

EVE Online News – Subscribers Headed to Space…for REAL

CCP Games has announced that the names of all EVE Online subscribers are going to be launched into space during the Skyward Sphere Program. The event is scheduled to kick off today and will feature a live feed and GPS tracking.

Siminn will provide a live video feed and GPS tracking via their 3G network and a Samsung Note which will start shortly before 12:00 and should last the whole flight up until 100,000 feet. In addition, there will be 3 high definition cameras on board to capture the glorious ascent, which will be recovered by the Icelandic Coast Guard in a coordinated rescue effort that may or may not include an untrained CCP employee having to jump into a glacial lake in the name of science.

Read more on the EVE Skyward Sphere page.

EVE Online News - Subscribers Headed to Space...for REAL

EVE Online News – Unified Inventory Detailed

The EVE Online blog has been updated with a new post discussing the upcoming unified inventory window. According to CCP Optimal and CCP Arrow, the necessity for multiple inventory windows was redundant. To solve the issue, a new unified "all in one" inventory will be deployed.

The most obvious change to the inventory is the new tree view, which automatically populates with all inventory locations accessible to you at a given point in time. As if that wasn’t a tough enough job, the tree view is also populated with any sub inventory location, so under your active ship you will see all bays present, under Ships you will see all your assembled ships and under Corporation you will see all the divisions accessible to you (the ones that you don’t have read access rights for are hidden). Oh, yeah, it also shows containers, effectively making them quite usable, as opposed to the biggest usability violators in the history of videogames. It should be obvious that you can now move items between inventory locations without opening the destination window; just drop it to the relative tree view entry instead. If you prefer, you can drag and hold an item over the tree view entry to switch over to that inventory location to see the item appearing safely at its destination, although there is also a confirming blink when dropping onto an entry. You can also drag containers between locations within the tree, making life even easier.

Read the full post on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Unified Inventory Detailed