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EVE Online News – Burn Jita Player Event

Jita is on fire and it is all the fault of EVE Online players who are looking to shake up the universe. The galaxy itself isn't on fire but all of the ships in the sector are as Jita is no longer a safe haven for trade.


For several months now, a coalition of thousands of players have been planning the "Burn Jita" event, aimed at disrupting the biggest trade hub in game in order to wreak some terrific, universe-wide changes by shaking the very pillars of EVE's economy at its metaphorical heart.

Read more about the event on the EVE Online blog.

EVE Online News - Burn Jita Player Event

EVE Online News – The Silver Lining

In today's One Jump Home, we don our tin foil hats and jump into the exciting world of EVE Online political machination. See what we've got to say and then weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments.

I've talked before about the cultural bonds that hold the CFC in place, having once been an Alliance CEO inside of the CFC myself, I witnessed the internal machinations of the power bloc first hand. For the most part, the bigger, badder, and meaner the Alliance that exists inside of the entity, the more sway they have. In reality, the CFC can be split in two: The Northern CFC, whose primary anchor is Goonswarm, and The Southern CFC, whose primary anchor is TEST ALLIANCE PLEASE IGNORE. Both 'core' Alliances have smaller Alliances which gravitate around them, though the political operation of the CFC does not necessarily mean that "Small = Insignificant".

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EVE Online News - The Silver Lining

EVE Online News – Nine Glorious Years

A new blog post has been published on the EVE Online site reminding players that May 6th marks the game's NINTH anniversary. The post takes a look at how far the game has come since those earliest of days.

SciFiMagically, each year brings more pilots living, warring, trading and socializing in the EVE universe than the year before. “SciFiMagically” because, well, that’s not really happening in other MMOs.

And later this year we’re adding some dudes on those planets around you—dudes that you will be able to shoot at. It’s like the biggest universe in gaming is going to get bigger without actually expanding? SciFiMagic.

Read more on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News – Cloudy with a Chance of Veldspar

One of the biggest and most interesting features in EVE Online is its bustling economy. In today's One Jump Home, we take a look at the EVE Online economy and give our unique take on it. Keep reading!

But don't let me fool you into thinking I'm some sort of EVE economist, or have any economic background at all. For the most part, like everything in EVE when it comes to me, I have a passing interest in the clockwork operation of an element of the game. EVE's economy functions based on the creation, sale, and destruction of goods. Most if not ALL of EVE's actual ISK is generated by handouts from CONCORD. CONCORD pays bounties, mission rewards, incursion payouts, and so on regardless of the space you're in. CONCORD is effectively 'The Bank' (but not really).

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EVE Online News - Cloudy with a Chance of Veldspar

EVE Online News – The Road to Inferno and Beyond

We had boots on the ground during the recent EVE Online Fanfest and we've got the full report about what the CCP team has in mind for the iconic game. See what's in store!

If Crucible was an apology to legions of disgruntled space-adventurers, then CCP's latest addition to Eve Online, Inferno, is a love letter. Following a traumatic 2011, the Icelandic developer is like a husband shamed by infidelity – it had a brief flirtation with micro transactions, but now they are back, flowers in hand, head hung, and ready to call the couch a bed until the players are ready to allow them back into their affections.

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EVE Online News - The Road to Inferno and Beyond

EVE Online News – The End of The Mittani Era

Last week, all hell broke loose in the EVE Online community with the revelation of what some called "bullying" by The Mittani, a legend in the EVE Online world. In our latest One Jump Home column, we offer the unique perspective about the issue. Read on and then share your thoughts in the comments.

Our story begins with Goonswarm Federation CEO, and Council of Stellar Management 6 chairman The Mittani being handed a microphone on stage and beginning what he would later recount as one of his lowest moments in EVE Online. Just a few days earlier a member of Goonswarm Federation had successfully polished off a tasty 80 Billion ISK scam which was sometime in the works, and executed with the sort of tactful grace that rewards he who dares with such a bountiful yield. However, the player in question hereafter referred to as W. was to become the centre of a controversy that quickly overcame both of them.

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EVE Online News - The End of The Mittani Era