EVE Online News – CCP Planning Overhaul of Ship Training

EVE Online News - CCP Planning Overhaul of Ship Training

CCP is announcing some big changes coming soon to EVE Online's ship training in the name of balancing the game moving forward.

Writing on the devblog, CCP Ytterbium outlines the changes. The first overhaul that CCP is considering has to do with cleaning up both ship progression and skill requirements.

Current ship progression looks like the chart above, and current design along with racial skill requirements have caused several issues to manifest. The proposal to fix things includes streamlining ship training by rearranging skill requirements for certain ships, and overall creating a system that is more intuitive and organized.

"To sum up, this means that tech 1 sub-capital vessels would take a bit longer to train for (from 9 to 17 days for Battleships for instance), capitals would be less time consuming (30 days faster) and tech 2 ships like Interdictors and Command Ships would require 14-20 less days to train for."

The full devblog fleshes out the proposals for improvement, as well as illustrating them for easier understanding. CCP seems to be going back to EVE's roots in several ways recently, far from last year's controversies.

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