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Naysayers aside, many EVE Online players are enjoying something called F-U-N. In his latest One Jump Home column, MMORPG.com's Ross McDermott talks about some of the good times he's been enjoying in game and predicts that the future of EVE is still quite bright. Check it out and then leave us your comments.

And so, fun was had. Some followed, most were hesitant, and few considered the political ramifications of their actions. It took two pilots, two from Test Alliance Please Ignore and one from Elite Space Guild – The Alliance I happen to be the CEO of – to get caught in the crossfire before it all came tumbling down. After a night of fanciful free-flying through Delve, the fleet of Pandemic Legion, TEST and ESG were ready to pack up their bags. Good fights were nowhere to be had and tiredness and boredom were beginning to take hold. Sleepy pilots were ready for their beds, so ships were hauled towards the system known as 1DH and all the gates were green.

Read more of Ross McDermott's One Jump Home: The Serpent’s Apple.


EVE Online News - The Serpentâ

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