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EVE Online News – Crucible Battlecruiser Spotlight

EVE Online fan 'Flamewave' has created a terrific cinematic look at the four new battlecruisers coming with the Crucible expansion set to deploy November 29th. The ships are the Oracle, the Talos, the Tornado, and the Naga. The video also gives a great look at new trails, nebulae and more. Check it out and enjoy the awesome music that accompanies it.

EVE Online News – Live Event Sees Devs Taken to Task

EVE Online developers created an impromptu live event on November 23rd in which they banded together to 'attract notice' and to pick a fight. And fight they did…to their deaths, it turns out.

The blog post details the day's slaughter with ships destroyed and much, much more. But there is also this:

Additional props to Beastoria for landing the final blow on four CCP ships, with Fattymcbutterpants (a name which had the CCP fleet unified in laughter when called out as primary on EVE voice) and another character who should probably be renamed, both achieving three final blows each. We’re also happy to report that whilst NPCs did indeed manage to destroy 13 ships in Tama yesterday, no CCP ships were lost to NPCs. And that's despite CCP Sreeg’s Nanobot Accelerator rigged buffer tank.

From the report, it sounds as if the team and the community had a ball. Check out the full post on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Live Event Sees Devs Taken to Task

EVE Online News – Crucible Coming November 29th

The fifteenth expansion to EVE Online is being called "Crucible" and will go live on November 29th. Developers are describing Crucible as "EVE Reforged".

Some of the major improvements players are lauding:

  • Four fan-designed battlecruisers built to deliver swift and effective destruction to the opposition
  • Over a dozen stunningly remade nebulae, changing the look and feel of EVE's universe completely
  • Other fan-favorite graphical improvements such as engine trails, warp tunnels and shadows
  • Time dilation in fleet flights — adjusting time itself to keep fairness alive when hundreds of players face off against each other
  • 3 new factional captain's quarters with unique, artistic looks
  • A significant ship rebalancing effort, to bring greater diversity and balance to large and small scale conflicts
  • A lot of small changes — from fonts to UI to Doomsday devices to PvE tweaks

Read more about EVE Online: Crucible.

EVE Online News - Crucible Coming November 29th

EVE Online News – Interrupted by Starshine

Yet another writer has had to tear himself away from the allure of Skyrim in order to fulfill obligations to our readers. In this week's One Jump Home, Ross McDermott takes a look at CCP's recent ship overhauls and at the four ships coming to an EVE server near you. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Hybrids have been significantly overhauled, the power-grid and CPU requirements to fit Hybrid weaponry have been lowered allowing for greater flexibility on the hulls they're meant to be mounted too. In addition to this, several Hybrid hulls – mainly Gallente hulls – had their manoeuvrability and their agility increased, allowing for greater base speed and attempting to negate the speed penalties applied via fitting armor modules such as Trimark Armor Pumps or Armor Repair Systems.

Read more of Ross McDermott's One Jump Home: Interrupted by Starshine.


EVE Online News - Interrupted by Starshine

EVE Online News – New Window, New Features

The EVE Online blog has been updated with a new post called "Improvements to the Fitting Window" packed with news about ways players can check on the damage output of their ship.

Although keeping this vital information for ourselves for all those years (well, you had already figured this out with third party tools hadn’t you) might sound like a big joke, there were actual technical reasons for the delay, but that technical debt has now been paid in full with the introduction of something we call “Client Side Dogma”, which will be covered in full detail in a later blog. The gist of it is that it’s now much easier to correctly display how values are affected by skills, ships, implants and/or modules in the EVE client, which opens up the doors to a lot of cool (and in some cases way overdue) things.

Read the full post on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - New Window, New Features

EVE Online News – Scaling the UI

The latest EVE Online developer blog deals with a new feature being introduced for pilots everywhere: Scale-able UI. Part of the reason for this new feature is based on the recent introduction of the scale-able font size. The blog is fairly technical but, in true EVE fashion, has pictures to illustrate the point!

Read the full post and check out the rest of the screens on the EVE Online blog.

EVE Online News - Scaling the UI