EVE Online News – Interrupted by Starshine

Yet another MMORPG.com writer has had to tear himself away from the allure of Skyrim in order to fulfill obligations to our readers. In this week's One Jump Home, Ross McDermott takes a look at CCP's recent ship overhauls and at the four ships coming to an EVE server near you. Read on and then let us know what you think in the comments!

Hybrids have been significantly overhauled, the power-grid and CPU requirements to fit Hybrid weaponry have been lowered allowing for greater flexibility on the hulls they're meant to be mounted too. In addition to this, several Hybrid hulls – mainly Gallente hulls – had their manoeuvrability and their agility increased, allowing for greater base speed and attempting to negate the speed penalties applied via fitting armor modules such as Trimark Armor Pumps or Armor Repair Systems.

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EVE Online News - Interrupted by Starshine

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