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EVE Online News – The Caldari Naga

The EVE Online blog has been updated with yet another ship that will be sailing into the game with the Winter Expansion. Called the Caldari Naga, the ship was originally designed for a recent contest as a battle ship but refitted to be deployed as a battlecruiser.

The Caldari Naga can utilize torpedo launchers,  rail guns and blasters. According to the dev team, it is a formidible opponent in battle.

Read the full details about the Caldari Naga on the EVE Online blog.

EVE Online News - The Caldari Naga

EVE Online News – New Nebulae Incoming

CCP t0rfifrans has penned the latest developer blog on the EVE Online site. This time the game's nebulae are under the microscope. According to t0rfifrans, the idea behind the redesign of the nebulae is to "make the world more real and give people a better sense of scale and location in the universe."

Players will see changes in space depending on where they are and as they near a specific phenomenon, the environment will change, become more detailed. As players make space jumps, the backdrops will change as well. Lastly, Lowsec and nullsec will become the dark and scary places they are meant to be.

Read the full dev blog on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - New Nebulae Incoming

EVE Online News – What’s Coming Art-wise

CCP Guard gives viewers an inside look at the EVE Online art department and what these intrepid folks have planned for the game's Winter Expansion. Check it out!