EVE Online News – Battlecruisers to Utilize BIG Guns

The Winter expansion for EVE Online will see the debut of another tier of Battlecruisers according to a new blog post penned by CCP Guard.

According to Guard, the best thing about the new tier of Battlecruisers is that they will be able to outfit themselves in Battleship weaponry. You know, those really BIG guns?

They will be capable of similar damage output as a battleship but obviously all that damage comes at a price.They won‘t be able to tank like a battleship, but what they lack in the tanking department the right pilot should be able to somewhat make up for  with speed and distance management. Those looking to start minmaxing fleets of TÖTALHELLDEATH will have to wait a bit for the stats.

Read the full blog post on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - Battlecruisers to Utilize BIG Guns

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