EVE Online News – Community Team – The Road Ahead

CCP Navigator has penned the latest article on the EVE Online blog. In it, Navigator talks about the recently announced staff reductions and how the Community Team will be impacted.

According to Navigator, players are worried that communication between the dev team and the community will not be as prolific as it's been in the past. In response, Navigator said, "The Community team has merged with Customer Support to create the Customer Relations wing of CCP. Hilmar, the CEO of CCP, recently stated in an interview with Eurogamer, ‘ By centralizing customer support and community we have more people doing community work than we did before. Being co-located with the developers allows the information within the community groups to have a much more direct effect on the development process.’"

Read the full blog post on the EVE Online site.


EVE Online News - Community Team - The Road Ahead

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