TERA News – Three-Faction PVP Comes to TERA

TERA is getting ready for an exciting political overhaul in the forthcoming Rising Alliance update that will see Vanarchs give way to continent-ruling Exarchs and alliances battling for control of a new resource. We chatted with Producer Patrick Sun about Rising Alliance. Find out more before heading to the comments with your thoughts.

MMORPG:  What exactly is the Exarch political system then?  

Patrick Sun: The old Vanarch system largely relied on player voting. While that’s good for our democratic system, in an action-based game you want combat to do the talking, or voting, in this case. In Alliance, there will be multiple ways to earn Contribution Points such as invading enemy alliance territories, stealing their Noctenium extractors, or just plain PVP against enemy alliance members. 

New quests and dungeons also come into play, which expand the Alliance content to more than just PvP. The guild that ends up with the most Contribution Points at the end of the election cycle will have their guild leader crowned as the Exarch of the entire alliance.

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TERA News - Three-Faction PVP Comes to TERA

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