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TERA News – Corsairs’ Stronghold Hands-On Preview

We recently joined up with other members of the press to duke it out in TERA: Rising's upcoming 20v20 Battleground: Corsairs' Stronghold. In our preview, we're breaking down the new map and offering our impressions.

Dropping in via airship will get you past the castle’s walls and let you wreak havoc, but splits you off from the rest of the attacking force. This is great for distractions, smaller skirmishes, and for making clutch plays in order to take out key enemy defenders. It can provide an alternate means to getting to vulnerable resurrection points or destroying or capturing enemy tanks and cannons. Tanks and cannons can be used to blast enemy players, castle doors, or even shoot down airships attempting to get through.

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TERA News - Corsairs' Stronghold Hands-On Preview

TERA News – Corsairs’ Stronghold Trailer

Starting at level 30, TERA players will have the ability to join the Corsairs' Stronghold battleground when it hits the live game on July 2nd. Players will take part in 20v20 PvP with battle tanks, airships, cannons and siege ladders. The team has released a brand new trailer to show off Corsairs' Stronghold.

TERA News – CorsairĂ¢

Yarr! There be pirates incomin' to TERA if what we learned at E3 is any indication. It's a terrific sneak peek at the Corsairs' Stronghold that you won't want to miss so check it out before heading to the comments to chat about it, matey!

The main focus of the presentation revolved around the upcoming update currently scheduled for July 2. We’ve been told there is a fairly large amount of content to download just around the corner. En Masse suggests monitoring the Tera website for pre-load information.  This update will consist of the Corsairs’ Stronghold battleground as well as an evolution of the political system. No details to the political changes were available at the time of the presentation; although I’m sure some will emerge as the release date draws closer.

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TERA News - CorsairĂ¢

TERA News – First Anniversary Interview

En Masse Entertainment's TERA is celebrating its first year and the changes that those 365 days have brought. We managed to catch up to Patrick Sun to talk about TERA. It's a terrific interview that you will want to discuss in the comments after reading!

MMORPG: What makes players go with the Warrior over the other classes, do you think?

Patrick Sun: Various reasons in my opinion. Aesthetically, players love to dual wield, and this is the only class that allows them to do that.  The warrior is also a very unique class that is a blend of DPS and evasive tank that offers a challenge for players to master.  In the wrong hands it’s probably an average class, but a skilled warrior can go toe to toe with almost any other player or BAM in the game.

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TERA News - First Anniversary Interview

TERA News – On Demand Access to Be Handled by Happy Cloud

Cloud-based game service Happy Cloud and En Masse Entertainment have entered into an agreement to provide TERA as an on-demand service for players. According to Happy Cloud, streaming data removes 90% of the download time for TERA.

“Improving our user onboarding process for TERA: Rising is a priority for us, and using Happy Cloud’s system is an easy way for us to get more players into TERA’s immersive, 3D world,” said Soo Min Park, COO at En Masse Entertainment.  “Taking a graphically rich, fast-paced game such as TERA: Rising, which contains hundreds of hours of gameplay, and delivering the bytes in the order they’re needed is no small task, but we’re confident this will provide an even better experience for our fast growing legion of fans.”

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TERA News - On Demand Access to Be Handled by Happy Cloud

TERA News – The Debut of Small Ass Monsters

En Masse Entertainment has sent out a new video featuring a look at the arrival of Small Ass Monsters in the world of TERA Rising. It's a chance for players to take a break from Big Ass Monsters to fight more manageable ones. taying true to TERA's action combat roots, the addition of Small-Ass Monsters also debuts the game's ferociously powerful new "jump and squash" combat mechanic, which fans can see in action in an all-new video that is available for download below. Small-Ass Monsters add a whole new dynamic to TERA: Rising's award-winning action combat system, demanding new tactics and providing players with new challenges and very tiny cash and loot drops.