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TERA News – Whimsical Weapon Skins Debut

En Masse Entertainment has announced that the new Whimsical Weapon Skins are now available in the item mall for TERA. Included skins can change the look of any ordinary weapon to things ranging from a slingshot to a drill bit to a plucky princess wand. Each retails for $9.99.

Weapon skins:

  • are “one-time use” items: they are only redeemable for one character through the Item Claim.
  • are permanent items (not consumed after use).
  • may be reused indefinitely with different weapons once they are soulbound.
  • are not trade-able, sell-able, or discard-able.

See the full list with images on the TERA site.

TERA News - Whimsical Weapon Skins Debut

TERA News – Brian Knox On Chronoscrolls

En Masse Entertainment announced Chronoscrolls for TERA, a way for players to earn game time using in-game earnings. It's a novel concept and one that Brian Knox wants to explain. Check out our exclusive interview!

MMORPG: How do the Chronoscrolls impact TERA’s game world?

Brian Knox: Chronoscrolls do not directly generate more or less money for the in-game economy. They are a way to barter time for money. Gold will change hands, but remain in the economy. We are also managing the hidden economic impacts by making chronoscrolls tradable only through the broker—and tradable only once. Additionally, players can redeem only two chronoscrolls to their account per week.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's TERA: Brian Knox Talks Chronoscrolls.

TERA News - Brian Knox On Chronoscrolls

TERA News – Celebratin’ The Wearin’ o’the Green

TERA players can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in game thanks to a new event that will begin on March 14th. The event will feature double dungeon drops, a chase featuring a tiny figure dressed in green, and a great chance to earn special lockbox rewards.

The legend of Eimhin the Prankster tells of a tiny figure dressed in green who wanders the hills outside Velika and scurries through the city streets. Rumors say he once pickpocketed Velik herself, then threw a three-day party in Castanica with her purse. The city watch has a standing reward of 50 gold pieces for his capture—but if you do catch Eimhin, he’ll trade some treasures for his freedom.

The hunt is on!

Read more event details and check out the times on the TERA site.

TERA News - Celebratin' The Wearin' o'the Green


TERA News – No Sleep ‘Til 60

En Masse Entertainment has announced a new event that will begin on March 12th. New TERA players, or those starting a new account, are invited to level up in the game with special prizes being awarded for reaching levels 30, 40, 50, or 60 within the specified two week event.

The event, open to anyone who creates a new account after 12:01 a.m. PDT on March 12, will help get you and your friends ready for TERA’s exciting endgame. To enter, all you have to do is start a new TERA account. (Existing players can certainly help the new folks level up, but they can’t start new characters to earn prizes.)

Read the full event details and check out the full list of rewards on the TERA site.

TERA News - No Sleep 'Til 60

TERA News – Sauntering Through Tera

We are ready to launch a brand new column today with the arrival of The Tourist that will feature jaunts through MMOs of note. In today's installment, we take a look at TERA. See what The Tourist discovered and then leave your thoughts in the comments.

Let's get the big question out of the way first: TERA has an excellent free-to-play model. Rather than take anything away from non-subscribers, En Masse is taking the opposite tack. If you want to run dungeons, do PvP, play more than one character (limit of two), and access every quest, you can. It's the same exact product players subscribed for at no cost. Buying a subscription earns you more goodies, such as a shortened dungeon cooldown and higher daily limit, a handful of consumables, reduced auction fees, and a mount. Instead of gating players behind pay walls, TERA has adopted the popular lockbox system, ala Guild Wars 2. You'll find these fairly often in your travels but the keys are rare, unless you buy them. It's a reasonable system and totally optional.

Read more of Chris Coke's The Tourist: Sauntering Through TERA.

TERA News - Sauntering Through Tera
Confident and unashamed, Poporis rarely feel guild, embarassment, or sadness." Read: They lick themselves in public.

TERA News – En Masse Unveils

If you missed yesterday's livestream demo of TERA's 'Rising' update you'll want to read on for the full video and highlights.

The ‘Crucible of Flame’ is a new competitive dungeon that is being introduced to the game today with the launch of TERA ‘Rising’.  The dungeon is designed for level 60 players and can be entered once a day for non-Elite members or twice a day for Elite members.  You’ll also need tier 13 gear to jump into the dungeon using TERA’s Instance Matching feature.

Read more of Michael Bitton's TERA: 'Rising’ Livestream Demo Recap.

TERA News - En Masse Unveils