TERA News – Celebratin’ The Wearin’ o’the Green

TERA players can celebrate St. Patrick's Day in game thanks to a new event that will begin on March 14th. The event will feature double dungeon drops, a chase featuring a tiny figure dressed in green, and a great chance to earn special lockbox rewards.

The legend of Eimhin the Prankster tells of a tiny figure dressed in green who wanders the hills outside Velika and scurries through the city streets. Rumors say he once pickpocketed Velik herself, then threw a three-day party in Castanica with her purse. The city watch has a standing reward of 50 gold pieces for his capture—but if you do catch Eimhin, he’ll trade some treasures for his freedom.

The hunt is on!

Read more event details and check out the times on the TERA site.

TERA News - Celebratin' The Wearin' o'the Green


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