TERA News – Review In Progress – Part Two

MMORPG.com is committed to giving our readers the best and most informative reviews of today's hottest MMOs. With that in mind, we're taking a new tack with TERA and giving it a multiple week timetable for review. In today's installment, we continue our journey in TERA. See how we're progressing. Read on!

The Bastion of Lok (BoL) is really a straightforward tank & spank sort of experience, but obviously the combat of TERA makes such olden activities feel fresh and new again. Melee DPS is about ducking, weaving, dodging. Ranged DPS becomes about aim, timing, and knowing when to back off. Healing is all about AOE targeting heals, and no longer just about clicking party health bars off to the left. And tanking? Oh man, tanking becomes about holding agro, timing your shield raises, and keeping your mana up between the chaos… oh and keeping the mob facing you so your friends can get behind them and go all stabbity-stab.

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TERA News - Review In Progress - Part Two

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