TERA News – The Future of Arborea

Now that En Masse Entertainment has officially launched TERA, the team had a few minutes to breathe again and we caught up with Senior Producer Brian Knox to talk about what will come next for Arborea. See what we discovered and then leave us a comment or two.

MMORPG.com: So… for starters: how does it feel to finally have launched TERA? I imagine you’ve caught up on sleep a little bit?

Brian Knox: Phew! Launching an MMO is a huge task, and it feels as though a giant weight has been lifted off our shoulders—but this is just the start. An MMO is only as good as the service you provide, and the hard work of maintaining and servicing TERA has just begun. Our attention is on all details of the game and platform. This includes billing issues, game issues, patcher issues, forums issues—you name it, we are prioritizing to fix or add it.

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TERA News - The Future of Arborea

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