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TERA News – Enchanting Guide

Enchanting items in TERA is going to be a big factor for many players and, at the same time, a daunting task. We’ve got a beginner’s guide to enchanting to share with you today. Check it out!

One of the first things you need to do before you attempt to enchant an item is to make sure you can even enchant that item. That nice blue chest piece of awesomesness you are super excited about you just won in Bastion? Yeah… you can’t enchant it. While in some MMOs you can enchant any item you come across, the same cannot be said for TERA. You are not even guaranteed to be able to enchant all items that are uncommon (green) or rare (blue) quality items. Some greens items can be enchanted, some blue items can be enchanted. In the item description it will tell you if it is enchantable, extractable, and remodelable. It can be any combination of those 3 or none of them at all. This line will also list what tier the item belongs in.

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TERA News - Enchanting Guide

TERA News – Join the Guild on Dragonfall!

We've set up a community guild, laid back in nature, for the Open Beta, Headstart, and Launch of TERA.  Come join us on Dragonfall! Just use the guild finder tool to find "MMORPG", and apply!  We'll let everyone in, so don't be shy! 

We won't be super organized at first, but should we find a few good leaders, once things get going, we'll turn the guild over to them, and even make a sub-forum on the TERA forums here at the site for us all to use.  So what are you waiting for?  

SERVER: Dragonfall


HOW TO JOIN: Just hit apply from the Guild Finder!

Come hang out!  Bring your friends! Kill stuff in Arborea!

TERA News - Join the Guild on Dragonfall!

TERA News – Island of Dawn Trailer Released

The first time players log into TERA, they will find themselves on the Isle of Dawn, a forbidding place to help fill in some of the lore behind the game. En Masse has released a new trailer showing players what they will be up against on the Isle of Dawn.

TERA News – Preorder Items Available in Open Beta

The En Masse TERA team has announced that pre-order in-game items will be available during this weekend's open beta test.

For a full list of preorder bonus items, check out the official TERA NA page.

TERA News - Preorder Items Available in Open Beta

TERA News – PAX East â

During PAX East, our boots on the ground had the opportunity to check out TERA in a unique way by delving into the Twilight Valley dungeon. We've got a pair of hands on previews for you so keep reading!

I’ve played a lot of TERA over the course of the beta weekends, but rarely have I been able to get into full groups, and I’ve never seen a dungeon to date. I can’t wait for the OBT (Open Beta Test) to really begin my characters, especially after a taste of what dungoneering as a Lancer is like during PAX East. At the booth for TERA, we were brought into a secluded room with five individual PCs set up for one of five classes. I chose the Lancer, Mike chose the Slayer, a couple of other folks took the Sorcerer and Warrior, and an En Masse employee (Sam Kim, Producer) handled the healing. Thank God, too, because it turns out BAMs in high level dungeons aren’t exactly pushovers.

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TERA News - PAX East â

TERA News – Tor Exsul Fly Through Video

En Masse Entertainment has released a new video in its TERA fly through series. This time, Tor Exsul is featured.

TERA is scheduled to be released on May 1st, with an open beta on tap for April 20-23rd.