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TERA News – Open Beta Weekend Incoming

Folks who are eagerly clamoring to try out En Masse Entertainment's TERA will want to queue up for this weekend's open beta event. The OBT is scheduled to run from Friday, April 20 to Monday, April 23.

To access TERA’s open beta, please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in ( to your En Masse account. If you do not have an En Masse account yet, create one! (
  2. Click the Enter Code button on the right.
  3. Enter the open beta test code: TERABETA
  4. Click the Submit button.
  5. Click the Download Game button under the Account Overview tab.
  6. This will start downloading the game launcher.
  7. Run the launcher and install the game so you'll be ready to go when the servers open!

Get started on the official TERA site.

UPDATE: Read the lastest patch notes. They're good ones!


TERA News - Open Beta Weekend Incoming

TERA News – Improved Early Play Detailed

The TERA site has been updated with information for players to show how the team is being responsive to the wishes of its community. In today's post, Improved Early Play, devs lay out how they are making those first baby steps into TERA a more fulfilling experience.

  • Playable Prologue: You become part of a beach landing gone awry. Can you save your allies and prevent a military disaster?
  • Badder Bosses: New tactics and deadlier attacks from early-level foes. You'll earn those levels.
  • Quest Variety: Dozens of new quests that take TERA far beyond repetitive "hunt," "gather," and "deliver" tasks, and reveal the world's rich history and cultures.

Read the full post on the TERA site.


TERA News - Improved Early Play Detailed

TERA News – Lorcada Preview

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with to bring our readers the first look at the Lorcada zone. Lorcada is a landscape of ice, snow, and jagged rock formations north of the city of Kaiator. Check out our exclusive TERA: Lorcada Preview and some brand new screens.

TERA News - Lorcada PreviewTERA News - Lorcada Preview

TERA News – Polishing The Experience

Since the end of the most current beta phase, the TERA team has been hard at work implementing new and improved "polish" to the game. A brief post has been activated on the official site to give players some insight into how the team plans to make the May 1st launch smooth and trouble-free.

  • Improved Travel: More nonstop flights! Pegasus flights from town to town no longer fly through a major city. Players summon mounts faster to get to the action.
  • Better Achievements: More achievements to earn, and more rewards (including gear, titles, and mounts) for doing so.
  • Advanced Glyphs: Take your favorite combat skills up several notches.
  • Bug Fixes: A reliable, smooth game experience from install to logout.
  • NPC Voices: More varied voices throughout, including top Hollywood voice actors.

The furl change list can be seen on the TERA site.

TERA News - Polishing The Experience

TERA News – ‘Beginnings’ Trailer Released

En Masse Entertainment has released a new TERA trailer called 'Beginnings'. The cinematic trailer shows off the urgency of war and features each of the seven races.

The cinematic shows how the Valkyon Federation has come together to face a soulless army that threatens to engulf the world from the perspective of a baraka warrior-sage. Observant viewers will see each of TERA's seven playable races take part in the action, and will enjoy a sneak preview of the monsters they'll face and the places they'll visit. Combat—essential to an action MMO like TERA—takes center stage, and eagle-eyed fans will recognize some of the spells and attacks they'll use when TERA launches on May 1.

TERA News – Friend Codes for YOU!

The TERA open beta is scheduled to begin on April 19th (for pre-orders and the 20th for regular folk) and we here at want to make sure our readers are squared away for the big day. To that end, we have a special beta code for you to use. Simply sign up on the TERA forums and plug "TERABETA" into the appropriate slot. Then get yourself ready to go for April 19th!

Create your forum account on the TERA site.

TERA News - Friend Codes for YOU!