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TERA News – Final Beta Weeked Arrives

En Masse Entertainment has laid out the details of the final beta weekend. Starting today, Friday, April 6th and continuing through midnight Sunday, April 8th, the event will give players a last opportunity to try out and provide feedback for TERA prior to its May 1st launch.

In this last event, the Valkyon Federation, bolstered by a surge of new soldiers, strikes back at its foes, reestablishing control of troubled realms, and upsetting the meticulous plans of its enemies. In an effort to destabilize the federation and disrupt its momentum, Thulsa has decided to launch attacks at the relatively unprotected capital—Velika. The evil god is gathering a small army of monsters to fling them at the City of Wheels. The Mysterium's arcanists detected Thulsa's plans and alerted Fraya, who sent word to Velika. With little forewarning, will the federation be able to defend the city and thwart Thulsa's machinations? Be ready for a call to action in the evening hours of Friday and Saturday!

Read more on the TERA site.


TERA News - Final Beta Weeked Arrives

TERA News – Crafting Guide Released

En Masse Entertainment has announced that it has released a crafting guide for TERA fans to get their tools sharpened and set for the arrival of the game on May 1st.

Sometimes, waiting for that perfect drop just isn't as satisfying as it could be. That cool quest reward isn't enough to get you to the next fight, and you really don't feel like battling through a zone of skeletons without better protection.

What's an adventurer to do? In TERA, there are four ways to get better gear: find it, earn it, make it, or buy it. In the example above, the first two options clearly aren't cutting it, so let's examine what exactly is involved in making gear.

Check out the entire guide on the TERA site.

TERA News - Crafting Guide Released

TERA News – Sinister Argons

En Masse Entertainment has released updated information about the Argons, the warlords of TERA. One of the most prevalent foms of Argon is the Gilgash. Massive, powerful, and heavily armored, gilgashes act as generals on the battlefield.

When the argons burst from the ground and launched their invasion on Northern Shara, no one expected they’d obliterate their opposition so easily. The blue-black creatures swept through Val Kaeli, and then the Helkan District, before swallowing up Val Tirkai. No unit could withstand the power of these dark forces. A veritable sea of black and blue crushed all organized resistance across Northern Shara, seemingly unstoppable. Insidious swarms of smaller argons wreaked havoc, but it was the argon behemoths—their battlemasters—that struck fear into the hearts of soldiers. Each massive argon fought with the strength of an entire company, cleaving through battle formations and leaving nothing but broken bodies in its wake. In a matter of weeks, the argons controlled nearly half the continent and marched toward the amani capital city—Kaiator.

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TERA News - Sinister ArgonsTERA News - Sinister Argons

TERA News – Latest eBook Published

The third in a series of eBooks based on the TERA universe has been published at Called "Fire & Ice", this story is penned by En Masse Entertainment Writer R. K. MacPherson and chronicles Jelena, a fiery castanic warrior.

You can grab your copy of "Fire & Ice" from for $0.99.

TERA News - Latest eBook Published

TERA News – SaleronĂ¢ has partnered with En Masse Entertainment to bring our readers the first-ever information behind the Saleron's Sky Garden dungeon. We've got an exclusive description and three brand new screenshots to show off so keep reading! Check out TERA: Saleron’s Sky Garden Preview.

TERA News - SaleronĂ¢

TERA News – Big Ass Monsters Preview

What the heck is a Big Ass Monster in TERA? Find out in our latest preview!

Basically, beginning around level 18 or so, you’ll be able to seek out these BAMs either alone or in a group and attempt to defeat them. Unlike world bosses in your typical MMO, I was able to find tons of the first type of BAM found in the game, the Basilisk, in their designated hunting grounds of the Oblivion Woods. These creatures have a boatload of HP and hit like a truck, but if you’re skilled enough, you can solo some (or maybe all?) of them. 

Read more of Michael Bitton's TERA: Big Ass Monsters Preview.

TERA News - Big Ass Monsters Preview