EVE Online News – On the Verge of Rubicon

EVE'' s newest growth, Rubicon, is set to launch tomorrow November 19th. In reference to the old stream in Italy known as “” the factor of no return””, Rubicon refers to that EVE'' s pilots have increased to oppose the Empires which developed them. Is it dissent, subversion, or merely the primary steps to the pilots of EVE online asserting the universe as their very own? Continue reading to find out.

Rubicon is actually the primary step on a new story-based arc that focuses about capsuleers of New Eden acquiring a growing number of command and actually the 2nd round of large national politics starting to surface. The capsuleers (you), are beginning to resist the Empires that made them. They'' re taking power away from the Empires, and giving the players more decisions to take control of the superstars themselves. They'' ll develop, acquire new innovation, also potentially grasp the recognized cosmos and also … even past the well-known cosmos.

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