EVE Online News – Closing a Chapter

Change is an inescapable part of life in general, as well as of EVE Online specifically and huge modifications have actually been ongoing since the close of 2011. In today'' s One Jump House, we take a look at a few of the momentous alterations in EVE Online. Maintain reading!

But when the Drone Regions were brought in, CCP took an alternate route when it came to the benefits gamers would be given up exchange for eliminating the NPCs they located throughout their room: Minerals. Particularly compounds which were after that improved into minerals. Formerly the only means to obtain resources to build ships in EVE Online was mainly through the act of mining. Toiling away at an asteroid for unlimited hours in a mining barge, pulling rocks via a tube to fund your tasks in EVE Online. As well as for some time this was an entirely genuine means of making ISK in EVE, there was always a demand to replace ships as well as components shed in battle or via pilot mistake. Therefore CCP took it after themselves to develop these regions in order to make sure there'' d be an abundance of mineral earnings across the game.

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EVE Online News - Closing a Chapter

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