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TERA News – Ready to Celebrate Its Sophomore Year

TERA is turning two this year and is ready to celebrate. We caught up with Producer Patrick Sun to talk about TERA. See what he has to say in this exclusive interview.

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Dragon Nest News – Open Beta Launches

Nexon has announced that Dragon Nest has officially entered its open beta phase of development. To assist new players headed into the game, the dev team has produced a handy open beta FAQ and guide that answers most common questions.

When you enter the Open Beta, to enjoy the best possible game performance, please select the server that is geographically closest to your location.

  • Velskud – West Coast server (recommended for players in Western US and Canada, and residents of Oceania)
  • Gerrant – East Coast server (recommended for players in Eastern US and Canada)
  • Argenta – East Coast server (recommended for players in Eastern US and Canada)

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Dragon Nest News - Open Beta Launches

Dragon Nest News – Chapter 6: The Astral Coven Released

Dragon Nest developers have announced that Dragon Nest Chapter 6: The Astral Coven has officially been deployed. The new content brings the Lotus Swamp into the game complete with new quests and gear for players.

The Lotus Marsh is a humid, moss covered zone where humans and its native inhabitants, the Dromaji, maintain a strained coexistence. The Lotus Marsh is also the home of the Astral Coven.

Accessible through Lotus Marsh are the danger-filled Titan Nest and Arch Bishop Nest. The Titan Nest is a maze filled with inanimate objects inhabited by evil spirits that can come alive and to menace adventurers. The Arch Bishop Nest is lorded over by the evil and greedy Archbishop Kazalman. Guarded by an army of undead, cursed warriors, the risks of taking on Kazalman are great.

Find out more about the new update on the Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Chapter 6: The Astral Coven Released

EVE Online Information – Winter season Growth ‘Retribution’ Revealed

We lately attended an interview with CCP Video games’ & rsquo‘; Ned & lsquo; CCP Manifest & rsquo; Coker to learn all about EVE Online’& rsquo; s upcoming winter season development– Vengeance’. Today, we & rsquo; re bringing you all the details, so be sure to continue reading!

Revenge, the upcoming winter months expansion to EVE Online, is the video game’& rsquo; s 18th totally free development. Each of EVE’& rsquo; s expansion tends to showcase a theme as well as in Retribution the style is consequences. EVE is recognized for all form of emerging gameplay, both excellent as well as bad, and also Retribution is about the consequences of players’ & rsquo; activities. In order to accomplish this goal, CCP Games intends to make some major modifications to a variety of game systems with Retribution, as well as we’& rsquo; ve acquired all the specifics below.

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EVE Online News – PLEX forever to Aid Hurricane Victims

CCP Gaming has actually announced that it is reviving the PLEX For Good program in EVE Online. The profits increased via the in-game program will aid the sufferers of the current Philippine typhoon.

Beginning Wednesday November 20th, 2013 and running through Wednesday December 7, 2013, CCP hf. will certainly be approving PLEX forever contributions from participating EVE Online gamers. For each and every PLEX donated during this period, CCP will certainly add USD $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to fund their aid efforts in the Philippines, around a maximum of USD $75,000.

For each and every PLEX donated, CCP will award benefactors two “& ldquo; virtual & rdquo; tee shirts (one male, and also one lady) for use in EVE Online.

Learn even more concerning the program on the EVE Online site.

EVE Online News - PLEX for Good to Aid Typhoon Victims

Weekly Server Maintenance – March 4, 2015, 5:30 AM Central

Weekly Server Maintenance – March 4, 2015, 5:30 AM Central

There will be a scheduled maintenance period tomorrow, Wednesday, March 4, 2015 from 5:30 AM to 9:00 AM Central Time. The game servers will be unavailable for approximately 3.5 hours.

– Changes –

  1. Routine server updates and modifications.
  2. Legendary Symphony will continue for one more week.


Thank you for your patience!