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EVE Online Information – Uprising in a Huge Method with Dust 514

DIRT 514 and EVE Online players have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming weekend break as both globals meet. We had the chance to talk with the advancement group concerning it all and also have an unique report to share. Examine it out and after that head to the remarks to conversation.

Fans of EVE Online and also the PS3 MMOFPS Dirt 514 have something big to look forward to this weekend break. On a teleconference with the CCP Development groups managing both games, we learned that Friday marks the day both games come even more detailed compared to before to sharing the exact same cosmos, the very same systems, but a lot more significantly … additionally the very same story and lore. Live Events Producer, Arnar Hrafn Gylfason (CCP Zulu) talked to as well as various other outlets concerning the honest massive Uprising event which begins this Friday throughout both EVE and also Dirt as well as victoried’& rsquo; t stop up until a victor is chosen.

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EVE Online News - Uprising in a Big Way with Dust 514

EVE Online News – Oceanus Website Opens in Preparation for Sep 30 Launch

The EVE Online teaser website for the following significant upgrade has actually opened its doors. The Oceanus pages give players insight right into just what to expect from the area readied to strike live solution on September 30th. Oceanus will bring full French language support into EVE and also UI enhancements, brand-new cloaking impacts, updated wormhole nebulae and even more.

Our objectives with the Burner Missions were to include some difficult, unique and also optional new PVE material for our objective running community to examine themselves against.

  • We decided to create missions that could only be accessed with frigate-sized ships because we knew this would create an environment that contrasts strongly with the usual Level 4 mission running experience, and provide some significant variety. 
  • We built the missions partly as “fitting puzzles” since we know how rewarding it can be to use the nearly infinite combinations available in the EVE fitting system to create your very own personalized solution to gameplay problems. 
  • We designed the missions to be extremely challenging since we knew that players would rise to the challenge by sharing tactics, working together, and stubbornly overcoming the obstacles in their way. 
  • We chose to make the missions completely optional (with no penalty for turning them down or quitting) since allowing players to choose which difficulty mountain to climb is a fundamental part of EVE’s design and we didn’t want to force people into training a new ship class just to complete the mission they had been randomly assigned.

Check out the EVE Online: Oceanus page to read more.

TERA News – Elin Race Detailed

The TERA NA site has been updated with new information about the Elin race. The page now includes a video and several new screenshots and is the compliment to last week's reveal of the Castanics.

The elins have one driving goal: if it’s not good for nature, stop it. Older and wiser than they appear, they join with forces of nature and mortal races to sweep their enemies from the battlefield. Their speech is often dark, forthright, and otherworldly, and their sense of humor can border on vicious. Other races find the elins' manner and behavior off-putting.

Check out all of the Elin information on the TERA NA site.

EVE Online News – The EVE Online Re-Review

Adam Tingle has actually been playing EVE Online for a good lengthy while and has plenty to state concerning a game that remains to outshine many of its more current rivals. See how EVE Online charges after all this moment in our newest re-review. Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Allow'' s simply obtain it off the beaten track – if I could, I would certainly marry, purchase a condominium, and have kids with Eve Online: It is simply that damn sexy. With that claimed, let'' s move on with the official make-out session I prefer to call a testimonial.

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EVE Online News - The EVE Online Re-Review

EVE Online News – What’s New in Crucible v1.1?

CCP Soundwave has actually taken to the airwaves to talk about all of the substantial changes pertaining to EVE Online with the implementation of the Crucible v1.1 spot. The update is slated to bring some huge features and improvements right into the game including rebalanced assault ships, the new Neocom panel and far more. Examine it out!

You can likewise check out the v1.1 upgrade web page on the EVE Online site.

Dragon Nest News – Play EU Version & Enter to Win a BMW Mini-Cooper S

eFusion is inviting EU players to check out Dragon Nest. As part of its upcoming official launch of the EU version of the game, the publisher has announced that one lucky player will be chosen to drive home in a brand new BMW Mini-Cooper S!

  For the opening event, eFusion MMOG offers players a chance to win a fantastic BMW Mini Cooper S superbly equipped. eFusion MMOG informed that the contest to win this car, coveted by young European people, aims at a wide audience with a fairly average level of difficulty and will run till 2 months after the official launch of Dragon Nest Europe.

eFusion MMOG is inviting players to get into this event from now on. Interested players to try their luck can check now the outline of the event through the official teaser site and the Facebook fan page of Dragon Nest Europe.

Find out more on the Dragon Nest EU site.

Dragon Nest News - Play EU Version & Enter to Win a BMW Mini-Cooper S