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TERA News – Character Creation Event This Friday

Players who have preordered TERA will have the opportunity to take part in a character creation event that will begin on Friday, April 13th and ending on Tuesday, April 17th. Players will be able to create a single character on a single server during the event.

Read the finer details of the Character Creation Event on the TERA page.

TERA News - Character Creation Event This Friday

EVE Online Information – Rewards for New Subscribers

New EVE Online players who convert to a subscription will certainly receive a Cerebral Accelerator dental implant. On top of that, if an individual invited through the Pal Program subscribes, players will obtain a minimal version Apotheosis ship.

Have a look at the full details on the EVE Online website.

EVE Online News - Perks for New Subscribers

Dragon Nest News – E3 2011 – Vindictus and Dragon Nest

One of the largest and most impressive booths at E3 2011 belonged to Nexon which was there in force to show off a pair of their ever-growing stable of MMOs, Vindictus and Dragon Nest. Industry Relations Manager Garrett Fuller stopped by to check out the two games and has a report straight from the show floor. Read on!

If you have been playing Vindictus then you will be happyt o know that the Crimson Blades will be getting a new member with Karok. Karok is a bruiser character who grapples and destroys opponents through strength and fury. Carrying around a giant pillar as a weapon, Karok deals death with brutal tactics. The image we saw of the giant worms coming up from the floor and Karok grabbing them and pulling their heads off was just fantastic. If you like playing the power character that knocks down doors and rips opponents in two, Karok will be a welcome addition.

Read more of Garrett Fuller's E3 2011 – Vindictus and Dragon Nest.


Dragon Nest News -  E3 2011  - Vindictus and Dragon Nest

EVE Online Information – More Ship Balancing Inbound

The EVE Online blog has been updated with the information that the group is hard at work to obtain ships balanced in preparation for the annual Winter season Growth. The post details the modifications pertaining to a massive forty ships in the EVE fleet.

Points have been working out on the ship balancing front as we ramp up to our winter season expansion in the coming months. We started previously this year with rebalancing combat frigates for Inferno, and after that provided enhanced extracting barges via CCP Tallest. We additionally gave you assault frigates as well as newbie ship modifications despite summer vacations taking numerous staff away. That’& rsquo; s a total of 19 ships, which is not also shabby to begin with, considering it’& rsquo; s a little less than 10 % of all offered EVE Online vessels.

Learn even more concerning the changes on the EVE Online blog site.


EVE Online News - More Ship Balancing Incoming

TERA News – Get Your TERA Beta Key Now! is very excited to join forces with En Masse to bring our community beta access keys for TERA – the highly anticipated action based fantasy MMORPG!  The beta will commence March 23rd and end March 25th. Get your key now while supplies last!


TERA News – The Feral Valley

En Masse Entertainment has partnered with to bring our readers an exclusive first look at the TERA Feral Valley through video and screens. Not only are we treated to a tour of the zone but also watch as a player takes on a BAM (Big Ass Monster) in this new video. Check TERA: The Feral Valley and then let us know what you think!

TERA News - The Feral Valley