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EVE Online News – Phoebe Update Shoots up on November 4th

CCP has announced that the initial in a pair of updates that will lay the street help huge modifications to EVE Online will release on November 4th. Called “” Phoebe””, the upgrade will certainly view some huge modifications in functions like far away traveling, the introduction of an endless skill line, modifications to the Sensor Overlay, mass market sales and more.

Long distance travel changes

Phoebe brings large adjustments to far away travel in EVE Online, introducing leap tiredness for personalities making use of jump drives, jump bridges as well as jump sites together with a variety of associated changes that impact the ecosystem of travel, warfare and logistics in EVE. Associated adjustments consist of funding ships making use of gates, end ofthe world weapons operating in reduced security room, sovereignty structure attacked factor adjustments, starbase tool rebalance, Stealth Bombing planes and also Hefty Interdictors rebalance, as well as station bubble adjustments.

For a full list of the modifications, see the dev blog as well as this online forum update in addition to upcoming blogs entering more detail on every one of these adjustments.

As always, the Phoebe update taster website is loaded with in-depth info about all of the forthcoming adjustments. Look into the review page on the EVE Online site.

TERA News – Akasha’s Hideout Dungeon Profile

En Masse Entertainment has published a new trailer and information in its continuing series of dungeon profiles for TERA. This time, Akasha's Hideout is the subject. Akasha is the goddess of pestilence, and she hides in the dungeon with a stolen prize that players are charged with recovering.

Dragon Nest News – Saint’s Haven Launching Wednesday

Nexon and the Dragon Nest team have announced that the Saint's Haven content expansion will launch on Wednesday, September 28th. The expansion comes with a level cap increase, new dungeons, new quests and more.

The expansion brings over five hundred new quests and the town of Saint's Haven to the game. The level cap will increase to 32 and give players over fifty new skills to check out. Heading into battle in any one of the ten new dungeons will yield new rare and epic items into the game. PvP players aren't left out either with new PvP merchants and over 250 new achievements.

Find out all there is to know about Saint's Haven on the Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Saint's Haven Launching Wednesday

Bona Fide Bootlegs Event

Bona Fide Bootlegs Event

Bona Fide Bootlegs Event

Shugos are professionals when it comes to dealing goods but recently a couple of them got involved with bootlegs. While not at the standard of Shugo craftmanship, Macrunerk and Yenrinerk have discovered phasing items into our world by pulling it from another dimension. In order for the phased item to continue to exist, it must be aetherized by enchantment stones. Enchant any bootleg items offered by Macrunerk and Yenrinerk to the items max enchantment level and at the end of the event, you’ll receive the actual item! This is great for gear you’ve been wanting to get your hands on!


– How to Participate –

Legitimate Bootleg

Purchase a Bootleg Modor’s Weapon or Armor Box from Macrunerk or Bootleg Abyss Weapon or Armor Box from Yenrinerk to enchant. The Bootleg Modor's Boxes are Mythic, while the Bootleg Abyss Boxes are actually Eternal gear despite the color. You will still need to treat the bootlegs like a Mythic should you chose to use any supplements or Felicitous Socketing. Each bootleg box contains items only your class can use and you can select the item you wish to enchant. To successfully convert the bootleg into the real deal, you must successfully enchant the item to its max enchantment level. Once reaching the max, the bootleg will be phased into the real item once the event period is over. Item enhancements such as manastones, godstones, and augmenting/conditioning will also transfer over on the max enchantment level bootlegs! To aid you on our your success of reaching the max enchantment level for the item (or items), all unsuccessful enchantment between level 10 to 15 will only result in the loss of one enchantment level, instead of going back to +10!

Any bootlegs with enchantments lower than the items max will be removed from the game after the event ends. In the meantime, you can still use the item!

Bona Fide Bootlegs Event

Enchant All the Things

During the event period, enchanting armor and weapons will also receive the benefit of only losing one enchantment level should the enchantment fail. This does not apply to accessories.


– Location –

Macrunerk and Yenrinerk can be found by the Legions Board in Pandaemonium and Elyos Square in Sanctum.


– Rewards –

Players who fully enchant a bootleg weapon or armor will receive the real item at the end of the event.



Enchant your bootlegs today! Event ends April 22, 2015.

EVE Online News – Fanfest 2013 Sold Out

CCP Video games is reporting that the EVE Online as well as Dust 514 Fanfast 2013 has actually totally offered out. The group will be making real-time stream chances readily available for those not able to go to personally as well as will be revealing specifics soon.

Recently, CCP Gamings, makers of EVE Online and DUST 514, revealed the style of Fanfest to be “& ldquo; EVE: The Second Years” & rdquo; as the combined EVE Universe comes close to One Decade of continual development adhering to an extremely successful totally free winter season development in EVE Online: Revenge as well as the open beta for the free-to-play PlayStation®& reg; 3 special MMOFPS (enormously multiplayer on-line first-person shooter) DUST 514. DUST recently signed up with EVE on the very same server collection, offering an even bigger universe and also the much-anticipated Orbital Strike feature in between both games.

Look into more of the details on the Fanfest 2013 website.

Dragon Nest News – Guild Rumble Deployed

Dragon Nest players looking to pit their guild against other guilds will want to check out the new Guild Rumble update. Each month will see new guild quests deployed as well as opportunities to take on other guilds in PvP matches galore.

Every month, the guilds of Altera will be called upon to fight monsters, earn achievements, and face off against each other in the arena to prove which guild is the best. Every player will be rewarded for their efforts as well as their performance, so everyone wins. The champion guild each month however will take home exclusive costumes, mounts, and all-important bragging rights.

Read more about the Guild Rumble update on the Dragon Nest site.

Dragon Nest News - Guild Rumble Deployed