TERA News – Politics, PvP & Guilds…OH MY!

During GDC 2012, we caught up with TERA's Associate Producer Stefan Ramirez to talk about a variety of subjects near and dear to the hearts of our readers. Find out more about guild features, PvP and the political system in TERA and then leave us a comment or two.

MMORPG.com:  Can you talk about TERA’s political system?

Stefan Ramirez: The political system in TERA is something you start experiencing more towards the end levels, endgame stuff. Players will be able to vote, through a popular vote, and there are provinces within TERA. These provinces can each have their own Vanarch. These Vanarchs can control things, like taxes for the area, so when people buy things from the shops and vendors, they’re actually paying taxes back to the Vanarch. They can also turn on special NPCs, they have these things called policy points, and these policy points allow them to manage, basically, the province.

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TERA News - Politics, PvP & Guilds...OH MY!

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