EVE Online News – Phoebe Update Soars on November 4th

CCP has announced that the first in a pair of updates that will lay the ground work for massive changes to EVE Online will launch on November 4th. Called "Phoebe", the update will see some big changes in features like long distance travel, the introduction of an unlimited skill queue, changes to the Sensor Overlay, mass market sales and more.

Long distance travel changes

Phoebe brings big changes to long distance travel in EVE Online, introducing jump fatigue for characters using jump drives, jump bridges and jump portals along with a number of related changes that affect the ecosystem of travel, warfare and logistics in EVE. Related changes include capital ships using gates, doomsday weapons working in low security space, sovereignty structure hit point adjustments, starbase weapon rebalance, Stealth Bombers and Heavy Interdictors rebalance, and station bubble modifications.

For a full list of the changes, see the dev blog and this forum update as well as upcoming blogs going into more detail on all of these changes.

As always, the Phoebe update teaser site is packed with detailed information about all of the forthcoming changes. Check out the overview page on the EVE Online portal.

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