EVE Online News – Scylla Update Goes Live

Testing out the new update site, CCP has revealed that the EVE Online Scylla update is now live. The update site is a newly revealed subsite of the main EVE site that is a clearinghouse for all past and future patches to the game.

The Scylla patch brings new ship rebalancing, updates to rail guns, and more into the game, including:

  • the new Download-on-Demand client updater. Players can choose what to download and when which also has given CCP the ability to bring hi-rez textures / graphics into EVE
  • the shut down of fighter delegations from Carriers and Super Carriers
  • CSPA charges for new pilots goes to 0 ISK
  • the rebalancing of the T3 cruiser subsystems
  • a new Scylla theme song
  • a "bigger and better" starmap, currently in beta stage

<> Check out the full list of changes and read the attendant developer blogs on the EVE Online update site.

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